Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yes, those are angels you're hearing

My new DSL modem is here! Oh yay! Call me, "Spoiled Rotten". DSL rocks. Insto-net.

Of course, in my rush to catch up on other bloggers, knit and otherwise, I've not got a lot done. Oooops. Oh well. The bed is made, dishes are soaking, and I ate lunch.

I know. Some days I shoot for perfection. Others, I'd settle for sub-human. ;)

::this is the part where I can't sit still for any longer and run around, cleaning::

Dang! It's already 4:00pm! I took a bit of a detour, feeding the cat, folding clothes, filling up the ponds.

Did anyone notice Project Spectrum is done? Whew! I miss the color of the month, but like the idea of falling behind and no pressure. Just in time for Christmas knitting, if I do anything in the gift area, anyway.

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