Sunday, September 03, 2006

I can't live, if living is without you...

Our DSL modem died while we were gone. I know. Tragedy. I told ATT it was their fault they had me spoiled rotten to the speed. It's not T1, but still. I'm totally NOT going with a Time Warner cable package. The last time our cable went out, I'd called Time Warner and they said they'd send someone out in a week. So, if the cable went out and I had a package deal of landline phone, internet, and TV, all of the above would be out for a week? You got it! So there's no way I'm going without all three, if nothing else for safety reasons. During tornado season, that's not an option.

What's going to be fun is my neighbors seeing my pale and bloated body stagger outside, blinded by the sun, because there's no reason to be glued to the computer.

Yeah, I exaggerate. I also get Fry all to myself tomorrow. Serious playtime. We should clean, especially the miraculously reappearing carpet stain. Isn't that what the first day of school is for? The Mom cleans the wreckage from the long weekend?

A brief update on the Fiber Fest and Hannibal Missouri. Great! There was fiber, sheep, and I got to see my future spinning wheel in the flesh wood. We toured Mark Twain's childhood stomping grounds and beloved Hubs called from South Korea. Good times, good times. ;) There'll be pictures of all this when a) they're developed, and b) when the new modem is hooked up.


ChelleC said...

Glad you had a good time. Sorry to hear you're doing without DSL. Oh No!!! I may be computer challneged for myself these next couple of weeks until the move is complete. We're taking down the computer desks today in preparation for the move. But we're keeping one computer up and running - it will just be a family fight for the one computer in a computer-addicted household.

Susan said...

Oh that is a bummer! I once went for several months without a computer at home. Once I realized I wouldn't die, I got lots of stuff done. was rough, that's for sure. And I was always afraid that I would get in trouble for reading my email at work at lunch time even though my boss said it was ok. Of course, he did tell me to not go to any *dirty* places.

Laura said...

LOL! Well, I suppose I could go to dirty places, but then Fry would be behind me, her chin on my shoulder. Not good at all. :D Sadly, I can't check my favorite blogs nearly as much. Sigh.

Chelle, move however much you need to, but be sure to come to SS&K. :D

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