Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am a cheap date, mostly.

Seriously, I am. While on the phone with Hubs, I managed to get MSN on the new computer. Of course they have to be compatible with Vista, duh, right? The bad thing is, AT&T's Yahoo browser isn't, just yet. The Internet Explorer does have a Yahoo toolbar with all my Yahoo favorites. The happy thing is, MSN had all my millions of Favorites. After MSN popped up just fine, I had to cheer at the ease of it. I'd tried to install the AT&T, first, and wasn't too optimistic about MSN. If MSN hadn't worked, I'd have had to cut and paste, or import/export the Favorites files. Hideously tedious.

Yes, very exciting. I think tomorrow, I'll post pictures of drying paint.

Does anyone else every want to say to others, "I'm honestly not an idiot." Last night in fair isle class, I knit up three color rows. They looked lovely, but the first row, about halfway through, had a glitch. I knit one lavendar instead of two and kept going in the pattern. They were all off for the rest of the row. Everything I did that evening, I had to undo. Makes me feel rather dumb, but oh well. I've not only undone, I've redone and gone beyond.

Chelle, no UTI, but a speedy computer. I'm VERY glad the bathroom is close to the computer. Ha! The weight loss suppliment is called "Triple-Action Weight Control". I've found it at Hyvee and K-mart in the diet pills section. After I take one, in 30 minutes, I'm not as hungry, and that's it. Dexatrim made me feel crazy, and everything else doesn't knock the hungries.

Susan, yes, I love birthday weeks. The computer is a combo Mother's Day/Birthday splurge. It's not for me, per se, but I've been the one hogging it all the time. I log out around 4:30pm when Fry hits the door, unless she wants the older computer. It still has all her Club Penguin kid stuff on it, so she's indifferent to the new machine. Both of them, Fry and Hubs, aren't keen on change, and they prefer the old. Works for me!

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