Sunday, April 08, 2007

There is a happy cat over here.

Claude is thrilled we're home and that we're loving on him. Poor little snookie. He had no idea why he was banished to the basement since Wednesday. Right now, he's griping at me to go to bed already.

Since we did a road trip to see all the family we could, I knitted up the Ruffled Roses scarf for my mother's birthday, the Multidirectional scarf out of Berroco's Boho colors for fun, and started on some leg warmers for the little Goopa. Did I take pictures? Oh heck no! :P

I had migraines most of the time, but the miracle of modern science helped a LOT. Yay meds! Poor Hubs, he was fretting in the back of his mind over our e-filing taxes. For some stupid reason, the e-file was rejected. He's already looked at it, can't fix it easily, and is determined to not e-file again. If a former IRS agent is driven to curse over the e-file, it's not a great idea.

The cat is back, complaining again after having a snack before bedtime. Since I have to rouse Fry out of bed, I'd better listen to Claude. Ha ha ha!


ChelleC said...

What!! You finished Ruffled Roses and didn't take a picture. You didn't! Was that the green one?

Laura said...

It was! Mom's favorite color is green. I still have the peach and white one, but my mother in law's coat isn't either color. I'll have to find Solo in cream or black. :D

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