Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Which came first, the migraine or the taxes?

I think it's a tie!

There could be pictures, but it'd just be more of the same. The progress is slow, due to visits and visiting. I've been running around, getting ready for Easter with the families. We're all totally excited.

On the plus side, too, is that Relpax works. I'm headache free at the moment. Not only that, but my taxes are done. Because of the teaching, I get to do a schedule C. It's not bad if I've kept my reciepts and statements straight. You know I don't. C'mon, that'd be too easy.

Actual conversation after I looked at all the LYS receipts:

Me, to husband: You must REALLY love me.
Hubs: I do.
Me: There's a lot of yarn receipts I can't write off. (personal expense, not business)
Hubs: At least you didn't lose it at the boats.

Isn't he sweet? I'll have to make the boy a sweater. I've only got tons of yarn set aside just for him. :D He's only received one sweater and one pair of socks in all this time. Poor baby! I'll have to start something very soon for him, of course as soon as the heat of summer hits.


Susan said...

He's definitely a keeper, and how nice that he feels the same about you *G*

ChelleC said...

Are the migraines and the taxes over yet? I'm just hoping things are getting better.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race