Thursday, November 07, 2002

Hey, I did great yesterday! Not perfect, but pretty darn close. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner didn't go exactly to plan, but still, I stuck to the lean and resisted the huge bowl of Halloween candy. Plus, I did drink all that water and did everything but the evening stretch, the face and tooth maint before bed (I'd done that earlier in the day so it didn't count) and didn't get a chance to vacuum (must look up that word).

The same list applies from yesterday, just minus the carpet thing (avoiding vacuu.. vacumne... vacsomething) because I should have done that yesterday (will do today instead) and adding in the 30 mins of aerobics and weight training at the gym.

The bad thing is, the gym is a no-go today. My child (1st grader) is home today with a fever. I promised her a Monopoly game, so that means I must vacu the floor (I know, I'm obsessing, but I'd spent an entire day steamcleaning here in the kitchen and I want to keep it clean).

Oop. I forgot, I didn't make the beds. Completely forgot it, and besides, the sheets need washing. Will do that today, as well

Other things not on the list:
Find Ameet's tape, watch, and return (he's a fab video editor)
Mail Amex payment TODAY (ick)
Mail Family Readiness Group rembursement (worth 120 bucks)

Planning ahead:
Every year, we have fruitcakes sent to aunts, uncles (that doesn't look right), and sisters (neither hubs or I have brothers). I know, fruitcakes have a bad rap, but imagine a cinnamon-spiced, moist cake with chunks of fruits and nuts. In the homes we've surveyed, it's a fight and the cake doesn't last two days. So, that's going out this year again.
Plus, I have my own business, designing and making custom knits and wearable art. You can guess that everyone is getting something handknit this year. It'll be something personal, ie their favorite color, but not cutesy, like bears and bunnies on a background of country blue. I'm knitting like a fiend, since everything will have to be mailed this year. :P

Since I have a couple of things to do today, I'll sign off, finish checking email, and get busy. :)

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