Saturday, November 09, 2002

Yesterday, I did everything but both stretches (just did one), missed breakfast and lunch, only did 20 mins of aerobics, drank only 30 oz of water, and didn't make the bed until bedtime. I also didn't water the plants, clean or change the oil in the car, or do the dresser drawer changeout in the child's room. (she needs to clean her room, first, it's too messy to move in.) I did catch the Bonus Treks, but worked on Mom's mittens instead of the wall hangings. Didn't do the evening face maint or retainers, but I did do the retainers while working out and did the face maint while showering. It doesn't 'count' because it wasn't set up for overnight, but oh well, it was in there somewhere.

I went grocery shopping for the week and it took a lot longer than I'd thought. It was because I stopped at the dollar store just to see what they have. They had a lot. :D Tons of Christmas wrap and decor. I didn't get any, because we have enough from the clearance sales from last year. I'm thinking about inviting my sis and her pal over for a wrapping party, since we have enough to go around. At the grocer, I found bulbs on sale, so the small fry and I are going to plant those today.

Cool thing, the guy who bought candy from the child's fundraiser came by and picked up his order. Yay! because I'm truly postally impaired and he lives way out of town. It's something about mailing things, the females in my family can't seem to do. Really odd. Anyway, I think I convinced him to start a blog to help him with his goals, since mine here is actually working for me. The hubs can see a difference in the house due to my following these goals.

How I came up with 'the list'
I've been trying to get myself organized most of my life. I have at least five books on getting your life in order and how to keep your life clean and trouble free. You see, I'm what is called a covert perfectionist. The overt ones, you already know about, they're the perfect appearing people who's cars, homes, and personal selves are, well, perfect. I and other coverts are tough to spot because (to us) we look like lazy slobs when really, it's something different. The innate desire to do everything perfect is overwhelming.

When you look at your car, especially if you've let it go, cleanwise, cleaning your car is a huge task taking most of the day. To a covert, looking at it and knowing that after getting rid of the trash, sorting the kid papers, your papers, cleaning out the trunk and arranging (sp?) the trunk items, cleaning out the glove box and maybe console, then you can really clean the inside. This means deeply vacuuming the floorboard, mats, (probably shampooing them, too) and the seats and cracks in the seats themselves. After that, it's wiping everything with a wet cloth, then dry cloth, then some sort of Armor all. Then the inside windows. Just Windex(c) them, then wipe with a dry cloth. For me, once the inside is clean, then I can do the outside. Quick wash, then deep wash, then spot-free rinse, then clean the tires and hubcaps. Wipe down the car, again Windexing the outside windows (be sure to wipe them down with a dry cloth). Then, you can wax the car. Since I usually run out of time by now, I've only waxed one car in my life, and really don't know how often a person should do this. Just cleaning the car, though, should be done no less than once a week. If I could adhere to that, I know that keeping it clean would be easy, I just need to start it. The car is one example, though. If you look at everything in your life in that 'It MUST be done completely and correctly", it's exhausting just thinking about what needs to be done. Very often, I have to tell myself to just get it done halfway and it'll be better than it is now. Expecially in the kitchen, because really, the cabinets need to be reorgainized (I've been sloppy, not putting my Glad(c) lids in size order for easy access and the glasses are not in size order, nor is my pantry the least bit organized) and lemon oiled. I've had to put that aside in favor of other things. :P

Anyway, onward to the realistic list for today. :D

Today's list:
The usual:

Morning Stretch (gonna have to do this one, the 20 mins of walking at the gym left my walking muscles sore. :P)
24-32 oz of warm lemon water (you know what I mean by now. and yes, I did do this yesterday after all. )
Breakfast of fruit or egg white omlette (I'm actually doing this one as soon as I'm done here!)
Lunch-greens with small protein
Dinner-protein with greens
Make beds (my daughter's bed needs cleaning off before I can even put the sheets on)
Pick up dirty clothes
Hang up clean clothes (back to the chest of drawers in kid's room again)
Dishes, counters, and stove (I'm discovering this has to be done every two hours, does NOT make me happy)
Drink 80 oz of water (wishing Diet Pepsi counted, but it doesn't)
Evening face and teeth maint
Evening stretch

Saturday specific activities:
Clean sinks and tubs
Clean toilets and mirrors (oh yay)
Dust (even more yay)
Laundry (ha! I'm ahead already, I maybe have enough for one small load and that's IT.)
Wash sheets (I did that a couple of days ago, will wait until next Saturday)
Vacuum stairs (I don't care for this since I have to use attachments on the Kirby)

On the vacuuming thing, when I list vacuum, it really means the entire house. That means lugging the Kirby to the second floor, and then down to the basement. Not easy. Right now when I vacuum, it means the main floor because I don't have everything picked up off the floor upstairs and I don't drag the Kirby to the basement very often.

Other tasks.
These may not be all done today and may be reassigned to tomorrow. I prefer today, but...sometimes it's a lost cause.
Water indoor plants
Plant bulbs
Clean out car and oil change
Finish wallhangings
Dresser drawers (change out in child's room)
Mail letter of cute child drawings to Mom and Dad
Clean out linen closet (so the towels and blankets will fit properly. also, we have twin sheets up there and not a twin bed in the house. go figure)
Transplant rosebushes

I think I've typed enough of a novel for today. The butter for the omlettes are melted and the child is hungry, so, off I go to see just how much I can accomplish today. :D

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