Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blog, what blog?

Yes, I've been very neglectful. This time last week, I was frantically putting everything from the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and laundry room floors into the living room for the flooring guys. Um, didn't happen. It seems that waviness of the floor wasn't my imagination, the floor really IS wavy. While I'm very glad the floor guys were honest with us and said the laminate wouldn't work for the long term, I'm pissed as hell that the measuring guy didn't catch that little fact. Dummy. Not only that, but my Sims 2 expansion pack, Seasons, arrived the day the floor was to be ripped up. Okay... I moved the system upstairs so I could install and play, such is my addiction. The expansion is wonderful, the Sims can fish and garden, which is great! Something else I need to do is add the pond to our Sims house. I created our home as exact as I could in the game. Why? So I could try out redecorations without fear of messing up the real house. I know I'm retarded, playing a computer game at my advanced age, but still. A gal can't go from Pong to the Sims 2 without some addiction occurring.

Now for the good stuff, pictures.

The carpet is about to be replaced with hardwood floors, so look while you can. The old and new materials exchange should happen Friday, with the guys coming back over to install all the flooring sometime after Tuesday. I'm teaching two classes and going to a choir concert by the Frygirl at 7pm, so Tuesday is packed.

I found the fabric at Joann's and had a heck of a time getting the gal to measure it for me. She kept asking how much I'd need and I said all of it. She didn't believe me and asked what I'd use it for. I relented and said recovering the kitchen chairs and possibly for draperies. She said I couldn't do both and to pick one, which pissed me off. I don't care how much I need, I wanted ALL of it. I LOVE the fabric. She snarked that I knew it was mill end, and did I know what mill end meant. Um, duh. Yes, I did, but I was nice about it and refrained from saying "Just give me the goddamn fabric already." Fry knew the woman was doomed when I gave Fry the look of, well, doom. At first Fry was worried the look was for her because the gal had snotted to Fry about kids touching the machine and messing it up, but I whispered "YOU'RE fine, SHE'S not," as the gal measured my freaking fabric.

Um, so anyway, the roundy thing next to it is Claude's new kitty bed! He loves it AND can fit on it, always a bonus.

Here's just his bed, close up.

Then here's just the fabric. I love it.

Nice kitty bed, but where does Claude sleep when I'm upstairs? Here at my feet. He follows me from floor to floor. Either he likes my company, or is hoping I'll randomly open a can of cat food. It's the latter, I'm sure.

The ONLY self portrait in the bathroom mirror, a requirement in a partially knit blog. The next one will show me significantly thinner, which may never happen, ha ha! Let's hope it does, though.

Here's a two-fer-one shot. The Grey sweater is DONE! And, it fits halfway well. It'll fit much better once I'm even 5 lbs closer to my target weight. It's not bad, just a little tight around the chest area. I'm not used to that. Not only that, but the picture shows the new sinks and faucets in the master bath. All that's left is Fry's bathroom sink and faucet. Yay!

Here's the purple cardigan so far. It's wide enough to go around, and about 10 inches long. At 14, I start the armhole bindoffs. After I reach the neckline, continue for the shoulders, and bind off, I'll pick up the stitches along the neck and middle edges, and knit it the button holes and buttons. There needs to be sleeves, too, of course.

Next week, after or while the flooring is being put in, I have things to keep me busy outside. Before the backyard snake wakes up, I'm moving rocks around to be less wobbly and cleaning out the ponds. It's not something I'm as eager to do as to have had done already.

Did I ever show a picture of our new roof? Don't think so, so here it is! We like it and it keeps the rain out. It works.

Lastly, Claude has moved from the bed upstairs, to his own bed. He uses the lime green spider thingy, now pretty beat up, as a pillow. The spider toy has a little pocket for catnip. Every year, I grow the 'good stuff' and Claude likes only fresh. In winter, he makes do with the dried, but goes nuts for the home grown. Ha! I'll have to make him a felt mouse with velcro for the good stuff this year.

The sun is setting and I've not done my neighborhood walk, so, must go. Thanks for all the comments, I do love and read them all. Later, I'll post about the Not A Poncho, but for right now, it's cooling its heels until the rest of the knit along get caught up. I was a little enthused on the knitting and overknitted a bit.


ChelleC said...

Hi! Your grey sweater looks gorgeous. I can't believe what lovely work you do

The purple one is lovely too. That's another one of your projects I want to recreate. Why do you do this to me? You're an inspiration. : )

Now the floor must be a pain to put up with, the waiting is inconvenient to say the least - but it will be worth in in the long run.

Claude looks like a loving, sweet companion.

ChelleC said...

And I love his cat bed! That is really attractive. I'm sure he's more concerned about the comfort than how it looks.

By the way, if you like the Gold Hill color of socks that I'm currently making, I wouldn't mind at all if you made the same ones. I'd be honored in fact!

Susan said...

Glad you posted, I was missing you. Geez girl you have been majorly busy! Love the fabric and what is it with the surly help in the shops these days. And it's good to *see* you! Hi! Now when I type, I'll know who I'm talking too. Love the sweaters

Jen said...

What exactly was this be-otches problem with just measuring the dang fabric for crying out loud?

Laura said...

Chelle, thank you! I'll have to get some Lorna's Laces, probably Gold Hill, probably many more. :D

Susan, yep! I either go full speed or am at a standstill. Odd, huh? Tomorrow is a bit of a busy day, staring at one of the floor installers. He's one of those tall, dark, and handsome types like I marry. I teast Hubby about the guy, something to offset the goo goo I love you thing I'm always saying to him. Keeps him on his toes, you know. It was fun to see you on your blog, too, by the way.

Oh my gosh, Jen! I just read your blog. I'd have to start slapping people after all the airport crapola. I don't know what it was with the Joann's gal, I was just happy to get out of there without wearing handcuffs. I can go from zero to postal at times.

Camie Vog said...

Was that YOU in the mirror, or Fry?!?

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