Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I do windows!

Picture time! Yesterday, I got a call from the windows guys saying they'll be here 'tomorrow' at 8:00am. Didn't I just get rid of the floor guys? Not only that, but the new storm door was/is installed this morning, too. It's grand central around here. My younger sister called, always a very GREAT interruption in my day, and is wanting to keep my kid over there even longer. That is great, although, it'd be nice if the little rat was here to clean her own room. Ah well, at least now I can throw her things away with abandon. Ha ha ha!

Enough gab, now the good stuff:
This is posted solely for my husband's benefit. See the scratch? They'd even tried to patch it up at the factory. No dice. The new part is already ordered, said the message I got from the store today. I was outside, probably goofing off, when the guy called. We're supposed to call when the part is here.

Here's the new door in all its glory. A new storm door isn't that pricy, but then, that's after paying out to the roofers, the floorers, the countertop guys... Then the windows, sheesh. We'd been saving for a while, then with tax refunds, Army Reserve pay, all that, it was time to upgrade the house. What's that white blob? My finger with a bandaid. Never get in a hurry taking potato soup out of the microwave, especially when you see it boiling. Now I'm glad I don't knit Continental (holding the yarn in the left hand).

It's not often a person gets to see before AND after in one photo. Very cool. :D

Here is a closeup. The guys just left, all the downstairs windows that were to be replaced are done on the inside. They need finishing on the outside, but that's ok.

Looking out of two of the new windows. These are in the front, of course, then the back kitchen windows don't have the crosshatches. I love all of them.

Tomorrow, there'll be knitting updates, because despite all the dust, there HAS been knitting.


Susan said...

Ohhhhh you live in a real showplace! I know how hard you've both worked to achieve this and I'm so proud of you!

ChelleC said...

Wow, I love the door. From what I've seen of the house, it's gorgeous. Love the new floors. Congrats - looks like a house to enjoy immensely.

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