Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pooped out!

Um, no, just tired. Let's not be literal. Yesterday, I did do a lot, cleaning around the pond, sorting tools and DIY supplies, moving chairs from kitchen to living room. Today, I about fell asleep while knitting and sitting on the stairs. This is the part where my Mom wonders, "During all that noise?" to which I reply, "I know!" With the floor still being put in, there's a kachunk of the nailgun, a BRRRRRRRR of the air compressor, and a whuuuuhhhh of the circular saw. Every once in a while is a bam bam bam of a hammer. Despite the noise, the floor looks great. Everyone over here is pleased and as a bonus, Toppa gets to come over and see it! I'm thrilled to show it off to someone with great taste. We have similar tasts in home furnishings, by the way. In case you thought I was being overly gushy about the sister.

My stove has been in the living room since Wednesday. Everyone here is ready for me to get back to cooking. After the Chinese buffet on Tuesday, the Olive Garden and Pizza Hut for Wednesday, and tonight's Wendy's, we are so ready for something with a bit less salt. Hub's mission this weekend is to get the grill out and ready for the season. We (Fry and I) need our kabobs!

I'll have to post pictures of the floor soon. They're done with the tough stuff, now it's all straight lines. I'll be surprised if they're here much past lunch tomorrow. The wood floor looks better than any of us anticipated, we're very happy with it. :)

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Chelle said...

Hey there, so good to hear from you again my friend! I can't wait to see that floor. I want to come up there and see it.

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