Friday, March 23, 2007

I did say that, didn't I.

Yes, I remember vaguely something about knitting news...

There's been some falling off the wagon, but, the yarn WAS discounted 40%, beating the 30% exception rate. The not-a-poncho is coming along great, other projects are at a standstill for the moment. Fry and I goofed off today, hanging out at the mall, checking out the Dillard's clearance. We were amazed at how many stores have closed since we were last there. I mean, if the Waldenbooks and TGI Yogurt stores are gone, why go at all?

In the interest of eye candy and to show off the cool new door's best feature, here are some more house pictures. These will be the last until the kitchen backsplash is done, I promise.

Sigh. You can't tell the diamonds in the windows, but they're there. Then, the door has this button that you tap with your toe and it stays open. Very cool for us shrimpy people. She's not to be shrimpy for long! She's already five foot tall, three inches away from me. It'll be fun to see ho9w tall she really gets. :D

If I had a telephoto lens, you'd not only see the tree barely has buds, but that there's a black kitty in the storm drain.

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jane said...

Laura, that looks like spring out there! Is it true? Are you getting a dose of 'seasonable' weather or are you always so green where you live?

Anyway, as captain of the not-a-poncho along, I hereby claim that hanging out at a mall is equivelent to shore leave (and therefore all righty).

Captain Jane

Slow and Steady Wins the Race