Monday, March 19, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

It's 11am, do you know where your toilet guy is?

I've read this email from Hubs," Plumber will be out around 8:30 - 9:00 Am on Monday morning. He will call first," at least three times. This IS Monday, right? The floor guys are coming back sometime to wrap up and clean up. Want to see?

The last picture shows the baby gift I've worked on since Wednesday. It needs washing, but then, I need my washing machine hooked back up, too. The photos are dark and so is the day. When all is back in place, I'll take real before and after photos with a better camera, then scan them in.

Meanwhile, there's new fixtures, new ceiling decor, new knit project(s), and new sheetrock.

Those aren't crystals on the chandelier, but plastic thingys. The good thing is they're very easily replaced with the good stuff.


ChelleC said...

Wow! Your house is beautiful. I love the wood.

Also, what is the new project? I can't tell, is it a spring sweater?

Laura said...

Thank you! We like it and the guys did a fantastic job.

It IS a spring sweater for Fry. She was getting pretty antsy for something new. She saw the yarn in my stash and said, "You said you'd knit me a sweater out of that and have you? No. No you haven't." I heard and obeyed. ;)

ChelleC said...

Oh yeah, now I know! One is the big ball of colorful yarn that you bought a long time ago as one of your first yarns, and the other is that pretty one that you showed me briefly on Saturday as I ran out the door to go pick up the dog. Now I remember. Wow, that's really really cute! Fry will love it.

Susan said...

Ohhhh beautiful! Is that chandelier in the bathroom? Fry's sweater is going to be gorgeous!

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