Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Bleh Week

Boy! This is turning out to be a week of bed time and drugs, but not in a good way. Between a barfing kid for two days, a sick hubby, and my migraines, it's amazing how much medicine has gone down.

Dad loves his socks! They fit perfectly and he loves thick wool socks. I've got his foot size down cold, it seems, so he needs more for Father's day, don't you think? Not so much the novelty socks, but something a little more wearable.

Alas, the Sponges' noses DID spark some phallic comments among friends and family. Especially from the ones voted "Least Likely to Crack a Rude Joke Just Because It's Funny." Too funny!

My poor sick hubby is coming home early to help out with the paper route, because of my headache. The Midrin is taking effect, so I'll probably bag the papers before he gets home. Fry really needs to do this herself, since she's completely healed from her tummy ordeal.

I so need to start on something green. I have the yarn picked out and in the bag to do, but obviously haven't started. The Watermelon shawl is going great, even if I've not done anything since these headaches started. Looks the same, there's just more of it. The felted bag is going great, since it's round and round for forever.

Dishes, rolling newspapers, jotting down dinner instructions, then naptime. I know, but the meds have sedatives in them that knock me out.

P.S. I LOVE my birthday card, Chelle! You are TOO sweet. :)


ChelleC said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick with a migrane, and your family sick with flu. When a whole household is down they are just DOWN. Take care of yourself and rest. Chelle

ChelleC said...

I hope you feel better in time for your BD!!!

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