Monday, May 01, 2006

Hug an Illegal Alien Day.

Note: It's obvious I'm going to have to look up differences in immigrant/emmigrant and the various spellings. I'm postive there are errors in the below, and if it weren't dinner time, they'd be fixed already. Something fun for later.

Crime comes in varying degrees. That is why shoplifting is NOT a capital offense. I think it's wonderful that America is a land of opportunity for the oppressed. However, it is NOT fair for some immigrants follow the law while others don't have to. What is the point of having immigration laws if they're not enforced? I feel for the people over here who have dealt with the arduous process of naturalization and green card bureaucracy. Are they stupid for following the law? Makes a person wonder. Why are we singling out those from Mexico? I'm sure there's more of them, but what about the other illegals? Do we crack down on them more so because they're lesser in number and more manageable? If we relax some rules, at what rules do we draw the line? If we allow the breaking of a few rules, then what's to stop the complete collapse of all the rules?

And do people who read this for the yarn p*rn really care? I think not.

Wanna know of some yarnny goodness? Knit Wit is having a sale on Saturday, 9-5. Clearance will be as much as 70% off. This is stuff that'll please the most snobbiest of yarn snobs. Everything is 25% off, everything. I'm so there. My mother, normally NOT an enabler of all things knitable, encourages me to be there early. I'm thinking, pup tent and a thermos of Diet Pepsi.

On the needles: A scarf from, what else, Knit Picks yarn. Butterfly and Twist. Then, a felted bag from Wool of the Andes and what's left of Butterfly. I still need to knit on Spongebobs' teeth and ties, plus embroider the mouths. Then, comes the more Herculean of all tasks, more so than anything else to do with Father's birthday present...the mailing. Since Hubs came home from Kuwait, my postal impairment has come back in full force. I still have a week and a day, at least 6 days before I need to panic and overnight it.

It's May! Thus, I'm needing to knit up something green and have just the thing! My youngest sister probably hates me, since I've not got her anything for her birthday. It was in January. I know. Bad sister, bad! She is getting her own pair of lovely Jaywalkers, in a lovely seafoam green. They'll be, well, lovely, of course, since that's the word du jour.

In the queue...I've charted a biohazard symbol for my new handbag. It'll be black with a red biohazard symbol, then felted. Maybe this will keep strangers from hovering around my purse as it sits in my shopping cart. They'll hover, then say, "I was 'watching' it for you so no one will steal it." Bad for them is that people tend to do this when I have PMS and want an excuse to beat the living shit out of someone.

Remember that weigh and measure thing I used to do on Mondays? It was done, but I've learned why my fat jeans are miserable to wear. We'll see if jumping back on the Beach and working out with Gilad (on tv, sadly) is going to do me any good.


Oberon said...

......what is the most important thing?

Maenwyn said...

I missed out on all the yarn crawl fun. I am a poor baby, see me look sad )-:

We missed you Saturday, but hope to see you next week.

Knit on, girlfriend.

ChelleC said...

I think I KNOW where you'll be Saturday - Knitwit right? Are you spending the whole day there or just the morning. Heck, I may join you. Who needs restraint when there's a SALE a really BIG sale and at a really great store? Hmmmm??? Chelle

Laura said...

Right now, seeing the bottom of my coffee cup is THE most important thing.

I have a surprise for you, Maenwyn! It's just a bit of yarn, but quite lovely.

Hmmm, I love the Java, so I've wondered about suggesting a road trip just to Knitwit. Worst case scenario, I go there and hang out for a bit, wrecking any sort of budget I have, then trot over to Java for the afternoon of showing off my ill-gotten gains. This, and the after Christmas sale are the two not to miss.

YarnMom said...

Hi, there.

I've been driving myself nuts trying to chart out a biohazard symbol, and finally decided to google for one. This post is the closest I've come to having a hit.

I don't suppose you ever posted that chart, did you?

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