Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A week! It's been a week?

Let's see, an update?

We delivered newspapers for the last time on Thursday. Thankfully. I'm glad, so very glad it's done, but at the same time, I'll have to think of something else to use as exercise that's productive, too.

Friday, everyone was home. Hub helped decorate Sons of the American Revolution graves while Fry and I vegged. Saturday and Sunday, more vegging with some yardwork, housecleaning, and knitting thrown in. Hub took Fry swimming a couple of times, while I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Hubs did the Liberty Memorial ceremony dressed in his Union army costume. Fry and I didn't go because of the crowds. After he was home and showered, we watched every newscast with an eagle eye to see if he'd been caught on film, but no. One of his Sons of the American Revolution guys was, though.

What does THAT have to do with anything? Not a lot. But growing up in a town of 3000-5000 people, seeing someone you recognize on TV(!) is still pretty cool.

First picture, my dye efforts. They may look ok, but they're mostly crap. The red is an over dye, while the others are supposed to be more grey than purple. They light black turned to purple instead of grey. Sigh. If I EVER get my Knit Picks order, I'll be able to test dye some more, with real grey. Scout, Dave, and Laura make it look so easy...

The mohair and lace weights turned out much better. The teal laceweight is for another Seascapes shawl. Then, the yellow is for the Summer in Kansas Shawl. Those turned out great, with subtle color shadings. Also in the pic is little Goopa's socks. Because of the stretch of Cascade fixation, they fit my fat feet wonderfully, so her finely boned feet will be happy in them. I'm an inch into the heel of the second. If I ignore everything today, I can be done with the sock today.

Look what I did yesterday! The lure of this is that it's supposed to take 5 hours to do. I'll admit, it took me 7, but! I fixed dinner, put away some laundry, vacuumed the first floor, and did a couple sinks of dishes in the meantime. I could tell you why the Kirby was clogged, but you don't really want to know. Isn't it funny how in life, you remember everything you want to forget and forget everything you need to remember?

Do we want to talk about the Watermelon shawl? We could, if there were anything done on it. Mary speculated one week in knit group that I'd be breaking the yarn to get to the green rind faster. She is allllmost right. I'm trying very hard to resist...

Why did I do the vest instead of the current works in progress? The green was just sitting there in the living room, plus, I'd had this pattern to do since 2002. You should see what's on tap for August's purple knit. It was the first 'real' knit purchase after the beginning sweater I did.

Oh, back to Mom. She'll protest, saying I need to keep this for myself, or for Fry, who didn't want to take it off while I had her try it on. I needed a mannequin to hold the sweater's shape while I blocked it. Fry is not getting it. I made the vest for Mom, in her fave color. There's already a sweater in the queue for the kid, so don't feel too bad for her. ;)

June's Project Spectrum is going to be tough. I didn't realize until yeterday just how little blue I have. It's not my favorite color, so I'll either have to be creative or go shopping.

Although...I DO have Socks that Rock in Pebble Beach. It's a little blue-ish.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Mary said...

Break it, baby! Break it! you sleep? Do you knit while you sleep? Where do you find all these groups? How are you not overwhelmed? I'm exploding here!

Laura said...

LOL! You're a worse (or better!) enabler than free wine and chocolate on PMS Celebration Day. I'll run through my list of favorite blogs, and someone will post something about a new knitalong. If I get in on time and love the project, I'm so 'in'.

My sister would laugh at the sleep comment. She says we are "the nappingest people!" Usually, I'll sit and knit until the dishes, laundry, or carpet bug me off my hiney.

ChelleC said...

Okay, now you've got ME started on this stupid vest again - you can see my yarn over on today's blog entry. I ratted you out, told how you coerced me (kicking and screaming of course) into this Gimme 5 Vest project.

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