Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wooooooo! Woooooooo!


Whew! I've not had to fix a meal for myself in how many days? What, this is Tuesday? Pizza Hut on Fryday, pancakes breakfast on Saturday, then Jose' Pepper's for lunch the same day, Sunday was the Olive Garden, and finally, da da daaaaaaaaa: The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday on Monday. Oh yeah. Thai lettuce wraps and a Tiramisu cheesecake on the plates. Toppa got me a killer cool vase and candle holder set. Gorgeous and great for showing off my roses cut from the yard. All my parents, inlaws and genetic, have or are sending money, which I'm spending as fast as I can. ;)

What? Spending? Yes! A yarn store nearby (the one in Liberty, kids), has a section of yarn on sale for 50% off. I found a lot of Trendsetter's Vintage, half off. Lovely stuff. It'll make a fantastic feeling sweater that's mine all mine.

The weekend was a blast. Time with Toppa, the SSK group, hanging out with Fry, the surprise dinner at Olive Garden, all of it was a great Mother's Day/Birthday weekend.

Today, I 'got' to go to the DMV. I take nothing for granted and brought my birth certificate (actually, two of them, one with my footprints, one without), our marriage license, and my social security card. The little guy at the bank seemed surprised when I said the marriage license in our lock box was invalid as a legal document. No state seal. Yes, it's a copy, but not legal. I think he wasn't sure about my statement, but oh well. He'll learn...

Blah blah blah, but what about the pictures???? Ok.
Here are the works in progress. Still no green, darn it all, but... the Watermelon shawl is getting ever closer to the green rind. There's even some green peeking out from between the reds. Yay!!! The brown bag to felt is monotonous, cool during new episodes of whatever tv show I love.

Sigh. I took a break on Sunday and Monday. Sadly, the housecleaning was neglected. The dishes, they call me...

This entry brought to you by the word 'but' and the punctuation '...'.

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