Friday, May 05, 2006

Yet another Fry Day

There's a sale this Saturday at Knitwit in Olathe. I'm so wanting to drive down there this minute and recon the yarns in the clearance area. If it weren't for the fact that the place is 37 miles from here, the recon would be a done deal already. So, my plans for tomorrow are, Knitwit at 9am, then a wonderful plant nursery near Lee's Summit, then the Sit, Sip, and Knit in the afternoon. Fry and Hubs have their day planned, too, so it's a total Laura day. Cool, huh?

Today, we look at Knitpicks's Butterfly and Twist, knit into a lovely-if-you-like-orange garter stitch scarf. Also included is the beginnings of what will be a felted bag made from Wool of the Andes.

Now, onto Butterfly Kisses and Twist. With both together, they're not bad to knit with, if you don't mind orange. Both are very novelty and the eyelash is every bit as good as any other in your local yarn store. I actually prefer it over any of the fur yarns. Not so much easier to knit with as the fuzzy is more subtle. The scarf is very nice and soft, but I have to say, I should have done something else. The yarns stranded together are easy enough to work that garter stitch is a bore. It's a very good project for beginners, but horrible for anyone beyond that.

Often while working this, I wondered what if I'd chosen this instead:

I'm not a fiend for purple, but these are too pretty to resist. I'll also recommend two balls of Twist and one, maybe two of Butterfly Kisses.

Moussaoui: Mr Angry speaks of this so much more eloquently than I. A virginal prison bitch. A bugger and punk in the truest sense of the words. Couldn't have happened to a nicer man. Mr. Angry IS right. 72 male virgins just don't hold any appeal for us girls. 72 men to coerce and train into doing anything? No thanks!

Oh both Fry and I are pooped from the newspaper route of yesterday. She's home today, early, and wants to go to the book store to hang out. We can do that! I'd like to run there, then grocery shop, then be back to unload and change out for us to exercise at 5:30. Fry and I worked out on Wednesday to Total Body Sculpt and she did great!!! I'm very proud of her. No whining, and just a little pooping out during the abs work. She takes after me in the weak abs department. Ah well.


Maenwyn said...

Having fun together...that's what I miss about living so far from my kids. I'd even work out with my daughter if she were here, or I there.

Oh, BTW, back away from the yarn store.

Camie Vog said...

I know I haven't been posting much on your space, but I still check you often. I've been busy doing, eh, stupid stuff. I appreciate your knit picks reviews very much. I just got a package from them containing the self stripe sock yarn, which is being made into an ity-bity baby sweater, and panache in cranberry color for a scarf for my mom. Panache feels wonderful. The sock yarn is kind of scratchy. I promise to post a picture of the baby sweater within the next century. It needs to be done by July, so by then, I hope.

ChelleC said...

Thanks for bringing the ball winder and swift to the knitting group. Now my sweater yarn is all wound up. Maybe I'll finally make those two sweaters . . . hmmm.

You picked up some nice yarns at Knitwit on Saturday. My wallet is rather glad I didn't make it there. Chelle

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