Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Progress, we don't need no stinkin' progress

Oh, all right. For all you yarnies out there who live to see other knits in progress...

The ever growing Watermelon shawl. The knit group loved it. Yay! When I'm done, or maybe even before, I'll post a pattern. The only bad thing is I have no idea how much yarn I'm using. Eeek. Mary, who is adorable, caught me trying to peel back the layers on the ball o yarn for this, so I rewound it during my soaps. Ha!

Then, for the beloved little Goopa (baby sister), there's some progress on the green sock. Not much, for some reason Cascade's Fixation is a slow-mo for me. I'm thinking it's because I'm fighting the urge to pull tight and it's a stretchy yarn.

Well, that's the May Greens so far. What else am I doing? As of June 1st, I'm in the Trekking Knit a Long, provided I see something that I'm 'in'. I have some lovely Trekking XXL and an entrelac sock pattern I'm dying to try.

Whew! The phone rang, Fry needed lunch money, I went there, then Kmart for flowers, talked to Mom, took Fry to Sonic, and now am at home. Good times, good times.


ChelleC said...

Shawl is so cute! What a unique idea you've got there. And it's working out very nicely. You're sure creative.

You are right. With Cascade Fixation, it's stretchy by nature and should ideally remain that way. All you'll do by tightening it is to make it too inflexible. You have to think "loose and fluid" with it. That's why it's popular with loose knitters like me. But the sock is working up well, glad you're perserving with it. The socks look great. Chelle

ChelleC said...

Update update please

Laura said...

I hear and obey....

Thank you for the encouraging words on the Cascade! It IS tough for a tight knitter like I am.

I'm also SO glad you're blogging again! You're very entertaining in real life, it comes through in your blog. :)

Slow and Steady Wins the Race