Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spongy Goodness

Done! Be kind. I know, I know, they're o.k., but not OMG. Ah well. Spongebob is not THE easiest thing to knit.

I'll post later if something more exciting than cleaning house happens. Ha!


Jen said...

These are hilarious and your attention to detail is awesome.

Maenwyn said...

I can only wonder how your dad will feel with his new socks. They're jammin'.

I'm going to have to knit socks some day.

ChelleC said...

Laura, they are wonderful!!!! I love them. And I bet your Dad will cherish them and get a big kick out of them. They are SO CUTE now that they're finished. Chelle

Laura said...

Thanks everyone!! I was a bit nervous, they're for my DAD. They have to be great, you know. He'll put them on the shelf next to his other Spongebob stuff for others to admire, so they have to be good. Since this picture, I added eyelashes, three per eye.

Yesterday, I noticed that I had some Squidward-colored sock yarn... Could be fun... :)

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