Friday, October 13, 2006

Fry Day and new stuff.

Wow! I love my appliances. Mary was right about the noise, the dishwasher is more than I'm used to, but then, I'm used to nothing. Ha! Fry asked to be the first to use it, so she got to load it.

Maybe I'll cook on the stove tomorrow. We had pizza delivery tonight, just to keep everything nice until the Hubs comes home. He's working Bingo night at the Knights of Columbus. Poor guy has Army Reserve tomorrow, too, so it'll be us girls at the Sit, Sip, and Knit tomorrow.

Wow! Lots of comments! I'll answer them all here. The tooth is fine, painful a bit, but fine. The dentist wants me to come back Tuesday to have it closely looked at, plus get half my teeth cleaned. Top or bottom? No, the right side of the mouth and then the left. The dentist mumbled something about 'root canal' which Hubs has assured me sounds worse than what it is. He's had a few. He and Fry have cavities, I have gum problems. Seems the pained tooth has had trauma. I'd bumped it hard a few times while chewing, of all things. I know, I thought, "Wow, dumb butt, chew much in your life?" So we will see Tuesday if I need the dreaded root canal or if the antibiotic will help. The dentist said my Midrin for the headaches will work if the tooth is killing me. I usually take just one with the antibiotic, which is nice. By the time the ibuprophen wears off, it's time for the other pill.

Carol, you amaze me at how little you get by with cooking. I'm totally impressed, but then, I do like cooking every so often. :D The natives around here insist upon it. I can't wait until the countertops, flooring and tile backsplashes are replaced, too. Fry is having difficulty accepting the changes. I'm like, "Hon, the wallpaper is PLAID, and the tiles are WHITE. Plus, kitchen carpet? Uggg. The counters are ok, but as vanilla as a person could get. We've tried including her in on the changes, but she's not wanting to change anything, of course. Oh well! Too bad so sad for her!

Mary, I can't tell you how often I've got my hiney in a bind from speedreading and not paying attention. I'd just thought my writing was unclear, and maybe it was. :P When are you moving, have you picked out colors for the old house? My offer for color hunting still stands.

Susan, I totally understand the bonding reference. I can't deal with Mom's gas stove. Gas leaks worry me. It's silly, I know. All the holiday cooking, done on a new stove!! I'm thrilled.

There's been yarn in the mail, beads in the mail, and even wood flooring samples in the mail. I'll have to share all that later, since the man of the house needs the computer. He rarely does, so I can share. :P

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