Monday, October 30, 2006

Is it just me, or is the politics thing getting old?

What I'm really dreading is the automatic phone calls. Who decided this was a good idea? I hate rushing to the phone only to hear a taped message. If anything, it makes voting for the candidate a horrible idea. I'm not into encouraging bad behavior.

Sadly, you know the Republicans are sucking eggs when our Commander In Chief is dragging the gay marriage issue outta his butt. Winter fuel prices, ending our current war, preventing another terrorist-funded disaster, and respecting the nation's right to privacy while also keeping tabs on anti-American groups have all been huge issues for our government. Families struggling between food and winter warmth, hundreds of people dying in a war over 'possible' WMD's, the joke and money pit that is our Homeland Security, and the joy of knowing someone is listening in on me and my husband's conversation while he's in service overseas are all not as important as limiting the rights of those having the nerve to be gay.

To me, once the big issues are taken care of, then let's worry about how to limit the rights of others. How to punish those who aren't like everyone else. Gay is ok, obviously, and of course fat people are, too, to pick on. Sadly for those who enjoy this, there are actual laws against 'punishing' any other types of 'different' people. (intensely cranky sarcasm)

No fretting allowed. We just had a chocolate taste test, and I'm drinking 4 oz of red wine. Roto Rooter for the arteries and veins. Yes! Hershey's lost the taste test, with the worst being Ghiradelli's. In the front were Perugina and Lindt. Europeans don't care if you use real cream, it's worth it. Whatever bad or cranky mood I may have by all the slurs and mud in the election, it's all being swabbed away by flaviniods. That, and my family being home and carving pumpkins in the garage.


ChelleC said...

Yeah the politics from both sides are getting STALE. And the phone calls. I've started hanging up on all of them.

ChelleC said...

The pollsters even called me last night a few times during Halloween. Yep! They're crazy and amazingly annoying.

Susan said...

and I just love smear campaigns coming from groups out of state that claim to be from our state. shewww

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