Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's been how long?

Ding dong, the headache is gone!

Finally, huh?

We had a great time today. We went to Oktoberfest, having bratwurst, beer (just me), and funnel cake. The fest was pretty small, from what I've been used to. Still, we had a great time watching Fry ride the carnival rides. There was also a great quilt show, and I'll have to post more on that later.

Afterward, we saw that the Parade of Homes was still going on, so we ran over to Staley Farms to see their latest houses. Some of them are huge! Never mind the money, I think of the time spent cleaning. Yikes! Of course someone could hire a cleaning service, but still. The great part about going is seeing what improvements we can apply to our own home.

As nice as the houses were, they didn't come close to the house we saw yesterday on the way to the Sit, Sip, & Knit. There's a home down the road we love. It has a wrought-iron fence and a huge pond in front. It sits back from the road on a bit of acreage. It was on the market for 1.5 million, and has since sold. In the backyard, there's a swimming pool and koi pond with a waterfall. When Fry and I drove by on our way to a quick stop at Walmart, I saw the 'estate sale' sign. We screeched to a stop, then HAD to go in. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Huge, too. A lot like the homes we saw today. I have to wonder, what does a person do with all that acreage INSIDE the house? Plus, forget about doing any painting yourself. It would take a team to do anything around there. It was a shame, though. The pool was a bit greenish, and their pond looked worse than mine! I've not worked on our pond in a while, so, yeah, I need to fix it up before winter. This whole week is going to be hot to not so hot, giving me a good chance to knock out those tasks.

I'd called the Hubs about the estate sale, mostly to let him know we can go inside the home. While Fry and I had lunch with the girls, he did his errands which included picking up my contacts and his developed film at Walmart. That, and seeing the house were what he did. I asked him to check out the two weedwackers there, and lo! He found one for $15. Yay!

Between the three of us, we had a great weekend. For next weekend, we're planning on seeing more houses on the parade, PLUS, there's a knit event on Sunday. From 1-5pm, is the annual Chemo Cap knit at Knit-wit in Olathe. After that, on Monday, from 6:30-8:30pm, is a charity knit at Yarn Shop & More in Overland Park.

The BIG news is that The Studio is having a Knitter's retreat. I am so going and really hope everyone in the SSK group will, too. I need to call or go by the Elms and see how many people fit in a suite. I want to sign up this minute! Such fun. :) A resort full of people sharing the same language of woolly things. No one has to ask, "Did you make that?" when seeing a beautiful and unique sweater. With our group, it'll be a great slumber party


Camie Vog said...

A knitter's slumber party. What a great idea. I will have to suggest that to my newly formed knit group.

Susan said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! And the prices are realistic too. I looked into a knitting retreat once. It was almost $400 and that didn't include your room. Too rich for my blood

ChelleC said...

Well, I haven't checked the room sizes yet, but several weeks ago, we went to the Elms for a couple of hours just to hang around. It is so beautiful and relaxing there! I always feel like I'm back in a time gone by when I go there. I definitely want to go. Just hope I have the $$$ to register before they fill up. I think my Mom and I are both planning on going.

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