Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How did they DO it?

The ancient peoples, the ones born before novicane, I mean. Oh. My. God. I have a tooth that's been hurting since yesterday morning and a wicked fear of dentists with needles. My dearly beloved went out last night and found me three kinds of gum numbz. They all work ok, but of course wear off. I do have an appointment tomorrow at 2:30, so I'm hoping by this time tomorrow, I'll be fine.

So what's happened in the past week to keep me from blogging? Finishing up the laundry room. I keep dragging family members in there to look at the beauty. It's the same creamy yellow as the foyer. Also, yesterday the washer arrived. Joy oh joy! Mary, I have tried to felt something already. I had to, you know. It works ok. The washer barrel is bigger than the prior one, and even though the new washer has an agitator, the barrel is so big there's no friction. I think the item would felt faster if I'd put jeans in there, too. I've almost worn out the washer from doing laundry today and especially yesterday. It's wonderful. If you're going to get a new washer, be sure to get the matching dryer. Not that I'm being anal or anything, but I've noticed the dryer has to struggle a bit, the washer holding more.

It's not just the washer that's entering the building. With Chelle, and now Mary moving, (Jen moved a few months ago), plus touring all the Staley Farms houses this weekend... I would LOVE a new house. There would be nothing better than moving into somewhere nice that I don't have to fix. But then, what would I do all day? Ha! What's the next best thing? New appliances! Yay! Technically, the possessed dishwasher is the only thing that needs replacing. If I did that, the stove and microwave, both in here since 1988, would look scruffy. With the gift cards and discounts, we decided to splurge on all three. The fridge is still good so far, knock on wood.

I love the microwave we picked. It's not as big, but then we don't use our microwave that much. Warming up leftovers, defrosting meats, and popcorn is about as good as it gets.

I don't know how dinner will go down on Friday. To cook or not to cook? Tis nobler to leave the glass topped stove clean, or to prove the need for a wonderful new range? What should I do?? ;)

Last and most important is the dishwasher. For the past several years, I'VE been the dishwasher, the current one being possessed. When a washer turns on spontaneously AND with the door unlatched, it's possessed. I had to unplug it to turn it off. I know, freaky. Spooky model is GE's 2200, the hopefully non-possessed is the GE 4000.

Jen, we agree with the faux wood. We'd been looking at the wood floors available at Home Depot, but they're just not the real thing. I think we're going to wait and save up for the good stuff. New floors, new countertops and sinks, and new tile in the house will turn our house into a new place. Susan, I've managed to knit a couple of rows in the past week. I wanted to get the kitchen painted before the new appliances arrived. Not going to happen. Still, I love that new house smell in the laundry room.

Chelle, are you going to be at SS&K on Saturday? I'm wondering if we shouldn't solidify the plans for the Knitter's retreat. Too bad Camie Vog and Susan couldn't attend (Hint hint that they should.) I didn't even consider the event might fill up. Yikes!

Now I need to swab some numbz-it on the Tooth and check everyone else's blogs.


Anonymous said...

Mary said...

If you need a new dishwasher and you need a quiet one like I did (kitchen bleeds into hearth room, into livingroom, drowning TV) you MUST get a Bosch. I got mine from Sears three years ago and everyone in our house has at least once in that time opened the door to put something in only to get spashed by water because it was's THAT quiet. Costs a bit more on the front end but worth every penny from a noise stand point. Plus, I've not needed to have it serviced for any reason but my research at the time pointed out there's not much that can go wrong with it. Control panel possibly but all DW's have that. What the Bosch doesn't have is a heating element or I've had to repair or replace on every previous DW.

A new house we're considering has a bright, shiny, new, stainless steel GE in it. If we go for it, my offer will include making the builder take it out and credit me so I can get another Bosch. (Jeez! Can you tell I love new appliances, too?)

I'm also anal about the matching washer/dryer. I didn't used to be but in the past they've always resided in the basement or garage and I never saw them unless I was using them. Now they're right off the kitchen and I see them all day long unless I close the door.

Laura said...

Man! Ok, if the dishwasher being delivered tomorrow becomes possessed like the prior one, I'm going with Bosch next time. Since we tend to live in the kitchen, it makes sense to go with a low noise washer.

Cleaning new appliances is so easy, too! I love going to various home and appliance stores and just looking at the model kitchens they put together. Even if they're not to my own taste, I still like to look.

I'm glad I'm not the only one picky about things matching. I'd wanted GE, but was steered to the Admiral and am glad we bought it instead. It's a better machine for the price. Both the washer and dryer are in their own room and are both white, so I'm calling it good for now.

Carol said...

This is exciting. I to love new appliances. I got a new stove last fall to replace the 20 year old model. It was not that it was over worked but I think it was an age thing. I mostly got another one just to fill the hole the old one left. I actually baked a big cookie this week. It was probably the first time the oven was turned on in a month or so.

I agree. We need so solidify the retreat plans and get accomodations booked.

Susan said...

Oh I love My Name is Earl. I dunno...they just seem real to me and although they make me laugh out loud, it's a sorta sweet laugh. Geez that made no sense.

Wow you are really getting all fixed up. The only new appliance I've ever had was a dryer. I don't have 220 so I have a little 110 unit. Works good and I hope it lasts for a long time because it was hard to find. What I would really like is a gas stove. I have a nice glass top electric stove..and have had for a long time, but we've never really bonded. Sheesh. I think I need a life if I'm concerned because I haven't bonded with a stove.

Anonymous said...

Laura!!! I AM SOooo SORRY!!! I must have missed a beat, skipped a line, assumed something??? I didn't know you had already bought a DW. I though you were CONSIDERING a purchase for a foundering appliance!

That speed reading class in college was "THE DEVIL". (C(K)athy Bates, "The WaterBoy")

Susan said...'s the tooth doing?

ChelleC said...

Laura - yes I'm going to sign up for the retreat TODAY. Chelle

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