Saturday, October 28, 2006


Ok, I started a post around noon today, then ran off to SS&K knit group today.

I've been way busy lately and tomorrow will be wonderful. Carol and I, along with her two friends Susan, went to a Speaking of Women's Health conference yesterday. Lots of fun and rather odd to be at a girls only event. I'm used to sci-fi and computer conferences with an almost all male attendance. Some parts were a bit too gooey girly, but overall it was really fun. Plus, the goodies passed out were worth everything. Makeups, skin lotions, health screenings (oh so bad on my part), and hair color made it fun. We even got free socks.

That little snail above is a liar. Sadly, I'm a bit higher in the weight, if you can call 9-10lbs a bit. The body fat is hideous, as you can imagine. The cholesterol, even including the all you can eat shrimp event the night before at Red Lobster, and that I wasn't fasting, was a horrible 254. Blood pressure was surprisingly good at 138/83. Considering I was sitting next to and anticipating needles, that's not bad. :D

Countertops are ordered for all the countertopped rooms, which is good. I'm currently peeling wallpaper in the kitchen, always fun. We also have a new kitchen sink and it's lovely, too.

Ok, here's our flooring so far. It's from this website. The colors below for the slate are the same name. Tells ya how different cameras work differently. In real life, this is much prettier and matches our counters much better than shown below. On the website, this is Natural Slate.

Here is the shade of wood laminate tiles we want to use. In real life, they're a bit darker, plus, the photo doesn't show how textured this is. We wanted wood, but in the kitchen and bathrooms? I didn't want to take the chance on water damage. On the website, this is Hand Scraped.

What do we want to do with both wood AND slate? This! We really love this and want it in every room on the main floor excluding the living room. I'm certain about this choice. :)

I have emails and comments to address, but... with all the fretting about the kitchen and roof options, the conference, today's knit group, I'm pooped! It's not any of the above, just the driving. Most of the driving has been either in rush hour or in rain. I'm looking forward to doing nothing but cleaning tomorrow.

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