Tuesday, December 12, 2006

7 Reasons You Don't Lose Weight

Apricot Shortbread
Apple Cranberriy
Pecan Sandie

I could walk from here to knit group every week and would still not burn off the cookies eaten. The tins are all full, the rejects are out of the building, so you know I'm eating the good stuff. To help out my poor waistline, I'm stopping by the store for more tins for the remaining cookies. There's tons left, and I've still not had Fry make Mom the Tollhouses. I'd also like to make another batch of peppermint cookies, just because they're cute and yummy.

Is anyone sending out Christmas cards? I've not done mine, yet, and I've only received two. Not that I'm complaining. As postally impaired as I am, I can't complain. We've put up outside lights, but the inside isn't decorated. I know, not even the tree. Heresy, no?

The nice thing is, most of our presents are being delivered instead of mailed. There's two tins of cookies to mail alone, with little Goopa and Mr. Goopa's presents to mail in a bigger box. Which will be a trick since I don't know her new address.

Ooo, I'm turning bitter and sour. Better go eat a few more cookies....

Not really. Makes for a good excuse to finish off the gingerbread, doesn't it? :D I'll be glad when they're gone, seductive little buggers. They have the most gorgeous icing eyes.

Still working on Dad's knitted gift, and am actually making progress! Wow, huh?

Sadly, Hubs strolled by the yarn room. He's now very anti-yarn buying. I'm sure his attitude will change once he's able to walk INTO the yarn room AND the living room doesn't have any more yarn than the current works in progress. The weather is turning balmy later in the week, making it perfect to work in the unheated basement and organize my stash. Hub's not had new socks or a new sweater in a year or two, so I'm sure that's it, too. Once he can see the floor in the yarn and living rooms, AND has a nifty new sweater, all will be forgiven. I might have to throw in a pair of socks, too.

Tip of the day: Never ever sign up for a drawing at any sort of 'expo'. It's a way for them to get your number and telemarket you. Since YOU gave them the number, it bypasses the "No Call" laws. Does anyone ever actually win at one of those drawings? I don't think so.


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