Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goodbye Christmas!

The theme for this year's tree is "Silver and Gold", ala Rudolph's Christmas special. Fry and I had fun decorating, while Fry and her dad put the tree together. She was also tall enough this year to put on the angel. My little baby is growing up!

Speaking of the little baby, here she is with one of her presents. She and I had been goofing around in the mall when she found this. Later, of course, I went back to scarf it up for her.

We'd had the little village set up for ages. The little skaters really skate to a little tune. The tune is fine the first few times. It has a volume control or I'd be loony right now.

In the spirit of finding Waldo, find the Bunbun. Bunbun has been Fry's Peter Rabbit since before she was born. He's showing how much love he's been given, and could probably use a bath. Bunbun is being hidden by an assortment of Rowan's Summer Tweed. He's also resting near some Cascade Fixation, a bag of Berroco's Denim Silk, and near something new, Yarn Palace's Graceful. There are also Caps for newborns, ready to go and already gone.

Here's a larger picture of the sale yarn. Also included are some prior yarns, like the Fixation already bagged and waiting for the new stuff to be stored with it. I'm swatching a couple of odd balls of Fixation for a stained glass pair of socks. They're lovely so far as swatched. New in this picture is four skeins of Lamb's Pride in yellow. Toppa wants a bag with a longer shoulder strap than the Elizabeth, plus she wants a happy face on it. I have the black, of course, left over from Chuck's bed, so when I need a watching television project, there you go. Also in the mix is a bag of Lana Gatto's Everest. I'd found some on clearance, all they had, then made up the rest from here, to make a fair isle sweater in 2007. The wool feels wonderful, I can't wait.
Isn't Fry cute, hiding there? The huge box of popcorn is still there from the night before's Fry and Dad movie night.

Jen, Mary, Carol, and I all went on a great yarn crawl. First Knit Wit, then the Yarn Barn. Lots of sales, lots of fun. We have such a great knitting group.

What did I get for Christmas? I'm glad you asked so I can brag. My beloved husband bought me a diamond and emerald ring. The emeralds signal 30 years and the diamonds 60, so he's planning ahead on this staying married thing. Sadly, on Christmas day, one of the emeralds fell out. The most I'd been doing was changing clothes. Considering what else I do while wearing my wedding ring... I was heartbroken, so Hubs took it back to the jeweler, who is fixing it as we speak. Hubs will check on it tomorrow if he doesn't hear from the jeweler. THEN, I can take a picture for all to envy. They're real emeralds, which mean they're small, a bit pale (compared to the lab created ones), and have occlusions. If you click on the above link, scroll down to see the Claddagh. Gorgeous, huh? My father had wanted to buy all of us girls one, a while back, and I remember wanting him to spend the money on him and Mom instead. Not that I wouldn't want one, I'm no fool, but I've got so much and have been able to do so much, that I'd rather my parents treat themselves. Does that make any sense, or does it sound like I'm an ungrateful kid? Who knows? A lot of times I have great intentions and horrible execution of those intentions.

Wow! That was a fun tangent. I also received a lovely necklace from Fry, gorgeous and sweet, plus lots of $25 gift cards from the husband. Yay! Dillards, Red Lobster, Bath and Body works, all the good places. I think Walmart is in there, too, ha ha! Just in case I want beer after all that champaigne.

The native over here is getting restless for the computer and it's 10:44am already.


Stephanie said...

Wow you made a hall! And you haven't even opened your presents from Mom and Dad and Aunt Becky! BTW all ya'll gifts are in 2 big boxes in my garage! So I will bring them to you on Friday! :)

ChelleC said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas.

Camie Vog said...

Hahaha! When I was growing up, I had a real rabbit named Bunbun. Too funny.
Glad you had a good Christmas. Have a safe and happy New Year.

Susan said...

I recently got a catalog in the mail from the Yarn Barn. I can't imagine being there for a sale! Lucky dog! And, as usual, Fry is adorable!

ChelleC said...

The emerald ring sounds LOVELY. I can't wait to see it.

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