Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

So. Those of us born before 1970, did you think we'd ever GET to 2000, never mind 2007. Fry is blase' about the year's number, while Hubs and I try not to think about it. I remember calculating how old I'd be on January 1st, 2000, and thinking gaw! Thirty five is so OLD! Yikes! Who LIVES that long? Thankfully, I did!

In the interest of living longer, I've clawed my way back on the bandwagon. All the measurements were taken this morning, while semi-clothed, and noted in the offline journal. When I'm vain and willing to forgo breathing, I'll wear a size 10 US. Otherwise, when I need the blood to go past my waist, my 12s are a happy size. If I were a planet, I'd be Jupiter. Fluffy on the outside, with a dense inner core. Even with every ounce of fat on me dieted away, I'd still weigh 115lbs, hardly anorexic. I'm not stressing over it. This month has been chock full of sweets, so a gain was expected. Starting today, I'm drinking more water than soda, eating more fresh foods than processed, and eating less refined carbs. Exercise would be nice, but I've slept through today's morning workout and will miss tomorrow's. Fry is at her Aunt Toppa's, so I'll be on the road before 9am to get her.

Is it lame to answer comments in the blog body? Probably, which is why I'm doing it anyway. :D As Steph said, gifts from the parents were fabulous. I love them. :) My parents bought themselves a big present, a new computer, which is great! Their old one was on its last leg. I'm glad they treated themselves. Cami, you should see MY Bunbun. Ratty, orange, missing an eye and an ear, Bun is in a drawer with all our other mementos. Fry took her Bun with her this weekend. Silly baby. Chelle, I can't wait until you see the ring, too. Because that means it'll be back on my finger. :P The jeweler can't fix it fast enough for me. Susan, the Yarn Barn is wonderful in person. All that yarn, it's hard to know what to look at first. I have to meander around and around to take it all in. Since Hubs doesn't do his Army drill there, I try to have a shopping list when I go. We used to be in Lawrence a lot more often, then.

I'm off to log in the food. I'm thinking about sneaking in a piece of fruit as a nighttime snack. We had the required black eyed peas for New Year's luck, with a sliced ham from Schwan's. Fry is going to be so jealous. We saved some for her, so tomorrow is ham sandwiches.


Susan said...

I don't care where you answer me..just so you answer *G* Ohhh I love Schwan's ham! Wait..I'll be right there.

Laura said...

Please do come over! I mean, we need the help in eating this. :D

ChelleC said...

Answering questions in the blog is perfectly acceptable to me as well.

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