Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cabin Fever and Where'd All the Teens Go?

Classes have been really odd lately. One library cancels due to no one signed up, then today, the two that did register were no-shows. What did the classes have in common? They were knitting for teens. Little boogers. Ah well. I'd be all upset, crying, rolling around on the floor, but yesterday's class, Knit Your Own Hat, was nearly a packed house. Lots of great students, too.

More knitterly things... I've been swatching like crazy, getting ready for the Freeform class a week from today! So are Chelle and Carol, so there's solidarity going on here. Not only am I doing that, but I'm also in on the knitalong at Jane Thornley's. I love her work and hope my stuff comes out as well.

Speaking of coming out well... Thanks for the compliments on the house. I'm hoping Hubs and I can put in a bathroom countertop tomorrow evening sometime. Each new one we put in goes faster than the one before, so that's very good.

Hee hee! I keep falling off the diet wagon and forget to hang out at I still watch what I eat, but have been bad at the 8 hours of sleep and eating breakfast goals. Exercise has been a bust. It's so slippery out and I'm wanting to walk or jog. That's no excuse for not exersizing at all, so that's something to add to the list next week.

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Susan said...

oh wow her stuff is amazing! I'd hang it on the wall though because I don't think it would match my jammies or sweats *G* I'm looking forward to what y'all learn/do at your class.

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