Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Knitting Retreat

Wow! We had a blast! Four of us from the knitting group went to The Elms for a Retreat sponsored by The Studio knit shop. I took a Freeform class with everyone else in the group of me (duh), Carol, Chelle, and Carolyn, who is Chelle's mom. Check out the links for more information. Chelle and Carol both have pictures of me. Ug. At least my family loves me. For the record, I'm wearing a size large shirt and size 12 pants. The camera added at least 30lbs. Seriously.

I woke up this morning with a headache, about a week early. Oh joy. It affected my learning ability in class today, but once I came home, had a Relpax and a nap, all is much better. Everyone at home loved their surprises, I had a great time both being in class and teaching a class, and we really do have THE best knitting group. They snuck off to the Old Mill Stitchery while I taught at the library. I think they felt a bit guilty but didn't need to. It's the yarn shop a block away from my mechanic, Bill. I'm there every time the oil needs changing, which is why my husband tries to run over there himself. Ha! That and he's been friends with Bill for ages.

When I got home, one of my Raytown students had called with a question. I remembered her and thought, "Kim? But, she's GOOD." She took a beginner class and already knew the basics. Once the headache died down, I woke up from the nap, I called and could help her. Yay! I think she's going to come over to the group some Sunday, since that's the best day for her.

The "kids" had a great time at Science City, the movies, and taking Sunday off a little bit. When I got back, the house was spotless! I told them I need to run away a lot more often, they're better housekeepers than I am. :D

After Law and Order:SVU on USA, I'm going to bed. This was a great, all knit all the time weekend and I had a blast. Monday afternoon, I'm posting pictures.

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