Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New socks!

Is there anything better? Nope! I love them. Jen is right, though, Cascade Fixation is rough to walk on, especially on hard floors. Carpet, good, tile, bad. To my dismay, the two socks don't look exactly the same. All the 'counts', stitches, rows, etc, are all the same, so it was probably my tension. The second one is a little stretched, so yeah, I was in a hurry. You can't do that with Fixation, it has way too much give. Still, they're a gift to me, not anyone else, so I can live with the accidental goof.

My sock cuffs always get stretched while I wear them, but once washed, they snap back into place. I slept in them last night to see if the one would loosen like the other had, but so far, not as much.

Next up in the queue is a Sirdar Snowflake/Lion Brand Polarspun small blanket. Which, of course, Fry has already tried to claim. She'll probably get it, she's already snuggled it. It and the circular needle it's on. Silly kid.

Hi Kate! Yeah, beets are good. Who knew? ;)


Kate Christ said...

Hi! I always thought beets were evil until I had them roasted (as an adult) - now I'm hooked.

Your new socks look SO cozy!

Jen said...

Nice plant. . . I mean socks, yeah I meant to say socks, but I got distracted. Hey, somebody has to finally knit socks with Fixation purled to the outside on the soles, so we can decide that that is the best way to knit socks with Fixation. I was counting on you to do that, since you knit so quickly. Now I will have to. Unless you knit up another pair real quick like and tell me how they feel.

ChelleC said...

That's strange, because I've never had a problem with Fixation socks, on hard or soft floors. They feel yummy to me. It feels like the sock is hugging my foot in a big hug all day (because of the yarn tension).

Laura said...

Kate, roasted? Mmmm! I have the beets...

Jen, I hear and obey. I had Fry pick out which Fixation she wanted and what pattern for the ankle and instep.

Chelle, I'm that way about my Jaywalkers in Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes. Which is why both pair need grafting on the ball of the foot.

Mary said...

I guess I've not seen the group since I've done this but I've worn my stockinette stitch Cascades inside out a couple of times to test for comfort. Report: at first it seems like it might work but after a while, it feels the same.

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