Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hello! I was over at hanging out, reading, updating the food and exercise journals, all that. You get points for reading community stuff and I'm thinking it's not worth the points. After reading a list of posts about what peeves people, I wrote this in my blog over there. I don't post there much, because I have this blog and it's my fave.

rant on

I've soaked up the negative energy from a community thread on what peeves people. I can be a real emotional sponge at times, and I don't like that. Plus, I didn't get to post my own peeves because I'm not in the group. I have 20-50lbs to lose, not 50+. At least, not yet.

Getting them out in the open, a major peeve of mine, and why I usually don't join diet websites, is that a lot of people can't understand there's a difference between lose and loose. You lose weight so your pants will fit loose. It's not you loose weight so your pants will fit lose. Every time someone types "I want to loose weight," I imaging their fat orbiting them like Saturn's rings. They've not lost it, merely loosened it.

Misuse of apostrophies drive me nuts, too. It's "Its papers are in order," is correct. Its "It's papers are in order," is not correct. Like with your and you're. You're taking your car to the mall, not your taking you're car to the mall. If you're equals you are, and your means you own it, you don't own taking and "taking you are car" sounds stupid.

Why am I such a nit about all this? Well, after a while of reading mistakes, the mistakes start to look correct and I start making them. I hate that! After all, a girl can't criticize about other's goofs if she makes them, too. (Note that it's TOO, not to.) Another bad thing is that the media is starting to allow these grammar errors slip, too. Why is that bad? These people went to school in communications, took writing classes, and still let goofs go. They're professionals, they're supposed to set the standards for everyone else and they're sloppy.

Obviously, I need breakfast. I always get pissy when I've not eaten in a while. :D

Just this weekend in the Kansas City Star, there was a huge wedding announcement with florid language describing the wedding of what had to be socialites. At the very bottom, they used it's instead of its. If I were that couple hoping to clip the announcement for a scrapbook, I'd be royally pissed. The announcement had damn well be free or heads would roll. The newspaper is supposed to employ journalists. One would assume journalists would have down cold the basics of grammar. Are they allowed to make mistakes? Of course, but not for the mass consumption. That's why there's such a thing as proofreading.

/rant off


Stephanie said...

Hey sista! OMG you are so right...I read the threads so long I think "Maybe that is how you spell it?"..." I really really want to loose weight and get the gap in my tooth fix". LOL ;)

Laura said...

LOL! Gap in my tooth! LOL!

Well, if they're not native English speakers, have an IQ under 70, are writing for themselves only, or have been raised in the woods by wolves, I'd understand. Even when the 'youngsters' do the texting thing like "ur so rite," I understand. It's a habit and maybe they're in a hurry. Still, if it's for public consumption, the public is going to think you're an idiot if you don't know the difference between its and it's.

P.S. You know those pounds you've lost so far? They're hanging out over here, so if you ever want them back, just holler. It seems I'm hanging on to them for you. Uhg.

Stephanie said...

Well people are people...they are just heavy people trying to better themselves! Why are you hanging out in the 50+ threads anyway? LOL You planning on going the other way with your weight? How is the better eating habits going for you and Tory? You know if you don't buy junk food you won't have to eat it!! :P

Laura said...

LOL! I don't know how I wandered over to the 50+, since I usually run around the 20-50+ area.

We're doing ok, but will be better when the weather is better. :P

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