Thursday, January 11, 2007

Curse You, Evelyn Woods!

I'm not even going to post a picture of it. No.

I've always been a speed reader. In second grade, the other kids told me to slow down on the reading out loud thing, they couldn't keep up. Then, in high school, we all had to read a paragraph at a time, which was horrible. Only drive your Ferrari in school zones and you'll have some idea.

Where is this going? Well, when a person reads Bernat Softee stuff fluff bla bla bla, the important thing is to NOT SKIP OVER THE CHUNKY. It's Bernat Softee Chunky, not Bernat Softee that you can substitute some DK weight stuff.

The grey sweater, first knitted and fit the cat, after a do-over just barely fits Fry. She deems it itchy, so there's no way, even if it did fit her, that she'd ever wear it. The sweater itself is perfect, just miniature. I thought about felting the crap out of it and turning it into a purse. Tomorrow, when it's better light, I'll have to take a picture. I did a test swatch and everything. Sheesh.

Then, everyone will 'get' to see why I'm so sore today. I painted our kitchen! Yay! There's some touching up, mainly behind the leaden refrigerator, but the painting, she is done! I'll have to post before and after, it really made a difference.

My sweater fiasco has me really bummed. I've started a pair of socks in Cascade Fixation and am doing it in a fair isle of sort. Something fun and confidence building. After they're done, I'll have to do another sweater. Hopefully it'll be somewhere between fitting a Barbie and an elephant. :P

Nothing like a bit of chocolate to cheer up a girl.


Carol said...

Major bummer. I have had that happen withe a sweater.

Good job on pthe painting.

ChelleC said...

So sorry about the sweater. Now that is a disappointment. But you knit almost as fast as you read, so I'm sure you'll be recovered and knitting again in no time.

Susan said...

oh I'm sorry! can't wait to see the kitchen pics!

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