Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dreamy dreams.

I heard a comic say, listing to what someone dreamed last night is boring, otherwise the dreamer would be awake when they had them. He said it more eloquently, of course, since that IS his job. Let's just say that Mary obviously influenced my dreams this morning. She's hired a decorator to help her which must have been on my mind. How else to explain William Shatner hiring me to redecorate his home? The nice thing is, he liked all my ideas, the not so nice thing was he wore drag the entire time. No one should ever wear that much blue eyeshadow. Before that, I had the chance to chat with Paul McCartney. Makes that whole waking up thing a bitch, huh?

What do I dream about when I'm awake? A Pentax K110D Digital camera, of course.

(After looking at both the K110D and the K100D, I want the 100D due to the image stabilization. There are times when the pulse in your hands jiggle the camera too much in lowlight situations, and that stabilization would come in handy.)

Why Pentax? Because our analog (film based) camera is Pentax and I want to use my current lenses. Also, I have a detachable flash, shutter control thingy (shutter release for nighttime shots), plus, I'm attached to my lenses. They're the ones I've used for forever and provide the most versatility. One is a 28-70mm and the other is a 80-210mm, for those who are curious. Sometimes, I want a 250-600mm, but there's really not a use for it unless I go into the paparazzi arena. It's a dud here in Kansas City.

The current SLR we have is ok, but tends to overexpose the pictures. Yeah, I could manually override and bracket my shots, but sometimes, I want the fact it's automatic to be freakin automatic. I also like the idea of instantly seeing the shot on a little screen. The only thing that has me being a snob about it all is my film bias. Like knitters have a natural fiber bias, I have a film bias. Being a computer geek in a former life, I poo poo the idea of clicking to modify a photo to enhance it. Way too easy. Where's the fun in crawling through the mud before daybreak to get a shot of migrating fowl and waiting for juuuust the right light? Click the picture, take it to the computer and enhance the colors to simulate the sunrise? The only skill in that is moving the mouse.

Showing my age, aren't I? I'm sure writers were disdaining the use of word processors versus typewriters, the abacus users were snotty to the calculator carriers, and the washboard women shook their heads over the women who used electric clothes washers as lacking skill. Even Ansel Adams manipulated his images in the darkroom, so what's the difference in using darkroom techniques versus using pixels?

Maybe it's 'unnatural' nature photography. Is anyone else disappointed when seeing cool images from NASA, thinking wow!, then finding out they've been enhanced? Nice, but what does it REALLY look like?

At any rate, I could take a decent picture with the manual Canon SLR I had borrowed years ago. Can you imagine the damage I could do with a souped up little Pentax?

Now I'm in the mood for either a nap or a photographic expedition. Our cat Claude votes nap because I make a warm cushion.

Thanks for the support on the the grey sweater. I think I'll fix it up and give it to whoever of my cousins' kids it fits best. It really is lovely, sad to say. After the Fixation socks, which are really turning out pretty, I'm tackling another sweater if only to beat one into submission. I will be a good yoked sweater knitter, no matter what.


ChelleC said...

There you go, that's the spirit! Don't let one little grey sweater get the best of you.

Susan said...

I know you can do it! And socks always make me feel better *G*

Jen said...

Honey if it were just that easy (a mouse click away) there wouldn't be any BAD pictures. But there still are. So, quit being a film snob, you are only punishing yourself!!

Join us in the fantastically freeing digital world. Or I'm going to steal a picture off of your blog and enhance it!!

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