Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fun with faces!

What does a girl do with a blob of dough? Sculpt, of course. This is what happens while messing with butter cookie dough.
Then, when a Fry comes home to a blob of gingerbread, her instinct is to moosh the stuff as well. She had no idea of the Mick Jagger of chocolate butter cookies made earlier in the day. Yep. That apple is hugged up to the tree, it seems.
Once she saw the picture first picture, she wanted me to make another one, so, back to the floured counter. She wanted me to, plus, it's fun!. A nice smooth dough is the best for this, fruits and nuts gum up the complection.

Fry has choir practice with the Northland Symphony today, for a performance tomorrow. Ooh la la, don't you think? Her big performance, both choir AND strings, is December 12th at 3:00pm. She's really good, but needs to practice.

Half of Dad's gift is done, and the other half is started. I'd love to go to knit group today or tomorrow, for the unfettered knit time, but... There are still cookies to make and a cookie mess to clean. The goals are, cook today, pack tomorrow, and ship Monday afternoon. Everybody and their dog will be there Monday morning, so I'm waiting until after the lunch hour.


ChelleC said...

It looks like a ton of fun!!!!

Susan said...

Next thing you know, you'll be featured on an indie art blog! Too fun! note to Fry..practice kiddo! *G*

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