Friday, December 15, 2006

I Rule!

My In-laws love the cookies, my beloved Aunt and Uncle have a free and extra fruitcake, and Dad's gift is done! Also, I'm wearing Dad's gift! Ha ha ha!

I would say he'll get his gift when he pries it off my cold, dead, feet, but then, he just might. ;) Not that I'd blame him, these babies are great! The only thing worrying me (and you know it had to be SOMETHING) is that they're a bit big on my feet. They're a men's medium, so I expect the looseness.

I had to spellcheck that. People spell loose as lose and vice versa so much, wrong is starting to look right.

I'd better take off the gift before they get goofed up or something. It's my bedtime, anyway. :)

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ChelleC said...

Happy Holidays!! Sorry I didn't get to see you there at the meeting yesterday. IT was Emmy's BD and we had a houseful of teeangers.

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