Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What was THAT all about?

or, "Something funny happened on the way to Blogger."

I was commenting on Susan's site, Red Dirt Knitter, when we were hit with a brownout. Odd, huh? Obviously, everything is fine. I'm thinking it was the cookies overloading the oven's circuitry.

What? Cookies? Why yes, the apple-cranberry cookies are done, the gingerbread is cooling for tomorrow's roll and cookie cutter dance. There's several more on the list, peppermint meringues, tropical cookies, something with orange, shortbread cranberry, and so on.

Dad's Christmas is coming along slowly but surely. I've not broke away to knit anything else, since there is a ever looming deadline. The shawl for my cousin is longer/wider, yes. It's a break for my eyes from the constant black of Dad's present.

Fry and I went shopping at Gordman's today. They had a buy five, get one free, which I'd not paid attention to, so I sent Fry off to get a free thing. She picked out a lovely necklace for me! Isn't that sweet? It's a heart shaped ruby surrounded by diamond baguettes. Most of the things she buys me are red, roses, or teddy bears. Isn't that the sweetest thing? Sadly, she was in a terrible snit the rest of the evening because I didn't hop to and get her a cell phone. I can NOT see the need for an 11 year old to have a cell phone. She's either at school or with one of her parents. Once she starts hanging out seriously with her friends, we'll see.

Anything done on the house? Not really. Laundry, dishes, cleaning in general. Most of my time has been spent scouring Kansas City for Dutch processed cocoa. No, Hershey's won't do, the recipe calls for Dutch, so that's what I must buy.

Another thing is, we've all rebooted our diets. We're following the YOU: On a Diet thing and it's wonderful. Odd, too, because it seems like I'm eating all the time. I usually don't eat until after noon, say, around three pm. The snacks are easy to fix, usually, and the desserts are really good. No counting of any kind. I liked South Beach, but like this better.

Dad's gift is calling me to get busy. In the meantime, I must tease my younger sister by talking smack about her: Smack. Smackity smack smack, Toppa. Smackita smackeeta, smacko. Smacka-lacka smacksmoo. Smacksmack, smackola, smack.


Susan said...

Smack indeed! hahaha! I found a recipe yesterday for some Norwegian Brown Sugar cookies. The recipe called for 1 cup of finely chopped almonds. Checked at the store. $5.98 for them unchopped.'s Christmas. Also called for a wee bit of cardamon. $9.98 for cardamon?!?!?! Guess I won'at be making these LOL

Steph said...

The middle child always gets the "smack" never fails!! ;)
Sarah is younger and can take it...maybe you should smack her for awhile! LOL j/k Sarah >:| muwhaaaaaaa

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