Friday, December 15, 2006

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Pleading the fifth and don't mean to? Blogger Beta obviously has issues. I tried goofing around with the comments, myself, logged in and not. There are definitely problems. The best work around I've found is to be sure you're logged into whatever version of Blogger you use, if you want to go that way. If you type, then log in, there's problems.

I could get all technical on you and say it's their on error logic that needs tweeking, but who needs specifics when there's no money involved? There is a nice thing about Blogger Beta's issues. They have their own "We know, we know" website here:

Nothing's more fun than to have a clever little comment typed up, then the section wipes it out with an error.

What's on the agenda for today? Paying bills, mailing the bills, finishing up some UFOs in the knit world, housecleaning, and taking a nap.

Maybe not the nap, although, that is sounding pretty good right now.

Two things I must add to the to-do list are Caps to the Capitol and the Red Scarf project. I've been very remiss on those, and had lots of good intentions. The nice thing is, it's only the 15th, all my Christmas knitting is done, and I don't have to knit black any more. It IS my favorite color, but two things in a row just kills my ADD.

I don't know what we're doing for tomorrow's SSK, for sure. If it's to be a true Christmas meeting or just an ordinary one. Either way is fun. I want to go to both Saturday AND Sunday, but even if gas were free, the hour down and hour back is time I could be wasting by laying around the house, perfecting my boneless chicken impersonation.

But then, in honor of Friday fun, there's this:

Your Holiday Personality is Hyper

Any holiday activity is well suited to you - as long as you keep moving.

Shop everywhere and anywhere. Create your own holiday cards. Make everyone on your list a custom stocking of goodies!

I also defy anyone to NOT take this quiz. I mean, the title lures you in, don't you think? Also, it seems to be pretty accurate.

What Your Bathroom Habits Say About You

You are a giving soul. Way too giving in fact. You often get stuck doing the dirty work that no one else will do.
You spend a lot on clothes, and you tend to be a very nice dresser. (that part is totally wrong and the next is totally right) However, it's hard for you to throw away trendy clothes when they go out of style.
You are a little shy and easily embarrassed. You often wonder if you are normal.
In relationships, you tend to be very romantic and demanding. You'll treat your partner like gold, but you expect a lot in return.

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