Friday, February 23, 2007

Action, excitement, and adventure!

And maybe a picture or two.

Claudie likes his new bed.

But, I don't, so I've started a new one.

I'm using minihanks I'd dyed a while back. I miss dying yarn!

Valentine's day flowers, still going strong. Much like my guy. ;D

Here's a guest photo from Chelle. She's great.

Today, we're going to a highschool basketball game to see a cousin of mine play. It's his mom that's my true cousin, and Hubs and I are looking forward to going. Fry is going to my sister's house and then on to Branson for the weekend. Indoor water park and all that, poor thing.

Tomorrow, I have a class to teach, Mittens for Teens, and it's part two. I must go shopping for this class today or tomorrow. Sad, don't you think? Then the evening is free for a date night or just goofing off. I want to see the new Reno 911 movie, but it's just released. Even if it were at the dollar movies, it'd be crowded. I like going when few people are around to hear me laugh my butt off. Far less embarrassing that way.

Sunday, knit group! Then to get the Fry after her trip.

I don't like tomato soup, but I do love this:

Put two tablespoons of olive oil in a small-medium saucepan.
Turn on to medium heat while thinly slicing half of one onion and a garlic clove.
While these are cooking, slice up three almost too ripe tomatoes.
Put tomatoes, a teaspoon of thyme, and a teaspoon of allspice, in the pan and cook until tomatoes are just becoming tender.
When boiling, stir in two cups of beef stock.
While the soup is cooled, you can either put contents into a blender or use a hand mixer to puree the soup. Heat to just below simmering, top with croutons and enjoy!

It took me longer to eat it than make it, plus, it's a good apetiser or lunch. Yum!


Chelle said...

Ah, but you can't take Claude's new bed away from him. He loves it!!! What's wrong with it anyway?

I love, love, love your Icelandic Not a Poncho. Hopefully I can make mine similar. Are you sure you don't care if I copy?

Susan said...

ok so now I'm hungry for tomato soup and it's 5:12 AM. Thanks loads *G*

Jane said...

Lately I keep dreaming about cats but I'm allergic to them and can't have one? Where's dream analysers when you need them?

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