Tuesday, February 06, 2007

All my drama is on television.

After reading about the diaper-wearing, homicidal astronaut, isn't having a low drama life a nice thing? Amazing. Who among us hasn't done something more than stupid for love? Isn't it nice to NOT have our own bizarre and dumb love tricks splayed across the country's media outlets? Poor gal, and that's such an awful mug shot, too. Even worse than Nick Nolte's and that's bad.

So, what have I been doing lately? Not much. End of month headaches hit me a bit, once those were done, I've been wiped out. Mostly. I managed to struggle through and knit on the Not a Poncho project. That, and the never-ending Polarspun blanket. The earthtone freeform project started during the knitting retreat has been calling to me, too.

Here are some bad pictures of the NAP project so far. I'll have to take some pics of this in natural light. The white isn't so bright in real life, and I think the colors are a lot better than the photos show. Thank goodness, huh? It's also wider at the top than I can show, due to the length of the circular needles. Tends to bunch it up a bit.


elan said...

I think the colours are gorgeous & can't wait to see them in natural light. I haven't got back on track with mine yet but hope to catch up today

Connie said...

I like your color combination and you can see the different textures from the picture. It looks great!

Christine said...

Looking good Laura. I have to catch up a bit, then I'll post an updated pic.

Chelle said...

Okay, having seen it today in natural light and in person, I can say that it is absolutely BEAUITFUL!!! In fact, it's truthfully one of the lovliest color and texture garments I've seen. Keep those creative vibes going. Iceland it is.

Laura said...

Thank you, everyone! I need to get a picture in natural light, if that ever happens. When it IS sunny, I forget to grab the camera and not a poncho for a picture.

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