Monday, February 12, 2007

Running around

That's me! I've been either busy or crowded out from the computer. Fry and Hubs had a three day weekend, both playing hooky today. Good for them, bad for my whirlwind Monday cleanup. It's tough to change the sheets when you can't pry a guy out of bed.

Went to knit group on Saturday, put in the double vanity in the master bath on Sunday (looks great!!), did some laundry. Today was dishes, library, music store (Fry dropped her viola bow AND the rosen), Home Depot (shelf paper and um, toilet seat. I know, gripping, huh?), Michael's (for more freeform yarn and clogs yarn), Linen N' Things for a coffee maker (was inspired after driving by Folders on the way to the music store). Tonight was dinner, a viola concert, knitting, and now blogging. If the sun ever comes out again, I'll take pictures of the current Not a Poncho work. I brought it to knit group and now Chelle's on the bandwagon. It'll be great to see how hers comes out, she chose the same colors I did. I sort of had enough yarn for it already, but heard Michaels' had novelty yarn on clearance. I'm glad I went, I found some lovely ribbon yarn to spice the NAP up a bit.

I had no idea coffeemakers were so expensive these days! Both Hubs and I each have our own that we don't use, since they're primative. We bought them before we met in '93. They work fine, but aren't programmable, which is what I wanted and what I got. We'll see how well it works tomorrow morning.

Yes, exciting things around here. Fry received a package from her Gran on Friday, causing much glee. She'll send a thank you email or do a sweet phone call soon.

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Susan said...

I got a programable coffee maker for Christmas this year. Greatest thing since sliced bread! I love waking up and smelling the coffee.

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