Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No More Buffets, Ever!

When a girl has nightmares about her clothes not fitting, it's a sign from the subconscious. Hubs love the Hometown Buffet. Variety, price, and coconut creme pie. For him, it can't get any better. I only take a teensy bit of everything I don't fix at home, but even that adds up. Plus, we went to a George Washington wreath ceremony today and the walking around wasn't as easy as it should be. Yikes!

So tomorrow, since it's going to be a blistering hot 50F degrees, is to strap on a pedometer and find out how long the longest route around our neigborhood is. Some of it is a pretty good incline. The first goal is to zip around without passing out. Second goal is to jog some of it, third, all of it. The fourth is to do a little more than slow jog all of it.

Exciting stuff, huh? Just wait, Tuesday is even better. Housecleaning!

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race