Friday, February 16, 2007

VD and you.

I can 'hear' my Mom, "Oh my God, what is she going to type, now?"

No no no, not the venereal type, but Valentine's Day! Remember when STDs were VDs, though? I think it shows how old you are, like asking if you've heard so-n-so's latest album.

So anyway, VD started out great. Flowers by the bed, a sweet card from my dearest hubby. I wanted to 'retaliate' with a raspberry angel food cake, but hadn't counted on the new oven. Yeah. Ooo at the first and ohhhh at the last. It was a lump of sweetness. Good goo, but goo nonetheless. I will master this, though. Time was, a girl could make an angel food cake from scratch and it turn out perfectly, a cakey masterpiece. It's obvious that the girl has not been making enough of these in recent years, despite the size of her expanding waistline.

What did I do instead? Did I fix some gourmet goodness for my beloved? Nope. Completely demoralized by the lump of undercooked cake, we went with Schwan's foods. Turn on oven, leave in oven for 20-30 minutes, eat. Works for me.

After teaching class this evening, Colors in Knitting, I stopped by the drugstore for Icelandic water and found (cue the drum roll) VD stuff half price! Yay! I bought a heart of Dove chocolates, some sexy dice, and some conversation cards. Those are the best. Fry, Hubs, and I answered questions like, "What was the most embarrassing or funny thing to happen to you or a friend?" Mine was, a bird pooped in my eye, no small feat considering I wore glasses then. Hubs was the time during he audited people while an IRS agent. Obviously, one couple who were divorced but having to be together for the audit said some choice words. When Hubs came back from lunch to finish up the audit, their canary would say, "Goddamn IRS agent!" He laughed it off. No one likes an IRS agent, not even if he is pretty darn cute. Fry never did reply to the question, now that I think about it. She was too busy recovering from snarfing the Icelandic water after my bird poop story.


Steph said...

Hehe I REMEMBER the bird poopin on you! LOL the complete horror on your face..."Is that what I think it is?" LMAO

ChelleC said...

I am really in love with your Thornley NAP. Wah!!!! I don't like mine. I want mine to be just like yours. I'm feeling immature and childhish, can you tell?

And that purple cardigan you were doing was to-die-for as well. I'm glad you're finally making yourself something for a change. Beautiful, artistic work you're doing with fiber.

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