Monday, June 18, 2007


Ta da! The Flower Basket Shawl in Lorna's Laces Child's Play. Gorgeous, no? I'm wearing this with black to better show off all the perfect stitches.
If anyone sees a mistake, don't tell me. Let me live in my own little fantasy world, mmmkay?
I did the bindoff a bit wrong, but like this anyway. I was supposed to knit two together, move the one stitch to the former needle, then knit two together again. Do the move back over and repeat. What I did instead was after knitting two together, I knit another, then put the left needle in purlwise and knit the two on the right needle together. If I had three hands, I'd take a picture to show. Ha!

I like it a lot, and not moving the stitch back to the prior needle saves time. I mean, come on, it's a bind off. Who can be patient during a bind off? Not me, for sure.

Of course, Claude can be patient about everything. Especially after a can of cat food has been opened. I'd have snapped a pic of Lucky, but the door beep would have woke him up. He's napping on his blankie in his house. Resting up, of course, to be a holy terror at tonight's class.

Fry has been doing well at Gran and Pop's. I had to call my Dad for Father's Day (of course!), and it seems she and my dad are in a mutual fan club. Not a surprise to me, I think they're both great. Hubs and I were talking on Friday night's dog walk about Father's Day. I'd told him that no matter where my Dad was for work, we all knew he'd rather be home with us. He's taught us about honesty, persistence, and continually learning in life, all by example. All three, and now four with Fry, of us girls are his favorite (grand)daughter. He treats each one of us like we are. :)

This being on my own is business as usual until around 4:30pm. That's when Fry is usually home from school, and it's worse at 6:00pm, when Hubs is supposed to be home from work. I tend to wander around the house then, wondering what to do? Fix dinner? Drive Fry somewhere? Talk someone's ear off? There's nothing better than chatting with one of them on the phone, I love hearing their voices. Little Fry called me about an earache last night. I'm sure she'll be fine, she IS with Gran-the-medical-genius. Still, I did have the thought that 9 hours isn't THAT far to drive for a hug. She's better this morning, and if her ear hurts as bad or worse tonight, I'm calling the doc for a phone in antibiotic. Poor baby. Tylenol or a knock-off will help, I'm sure.

Oh yay! The dryer is done and it's towel folding time. Yes, action and adventure all day, all the time. But, think of it, towels versus matching a billion white socks. I choose towels.

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ChelleC said...

That shawl is absolutely lovely!!! Very gorgeous. For goodness sake, everything is lovely - the colors, the stitch work (exquisite) and the pattern all come together to make a perfect summer shawl. I admire it immensely. Yum.

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