Friday, June 08, 2007

Too pooped to post properly.


Ok, I did a little ruffly sleeve on the Love It! sweater, and am almost done with the second ruffly sleeve. I already love the sweater, it makes me look thinner. Always a good thing, right? After posting this, I'm finishing up on it just to call it DONE. I love DONE. Mainly because there are so many undone things around here. Like everyone else's home, right?

Why so pooped? Fry and I went to the KC Zoo. After going to the Oklahoma City Zoo, KC's is a bit of a let down. Still, the tigers were fun. It seems every cat goes bonkers at feeding time. I joked with Fry that the keepers must have opened a can of cat food, something that gets Claude running amok. There were baby baboons and supposedly baby kangaroos, but we didn't see the joeys. The fun thing about the Australian section is the kangas run wild. Amazing. The zoo here is bird-heavy, nice if you love birds. I like them all right. I'd like to have seen penguins, but did get to see emus, ostriches, and parrots. They're always fun.

I wore a pedometer the whole day. Between the zoo and walking Lucky, Fry and I walked 6.33 miles today. There could be a whole rant about how I eat half what she does, have a bit more of an active lifestyle, and yet gained 5-7lbs to her 8 lb loss. Instead, I'll just say that I'm in a grudge match with my fat. I was having around 1500 calories and walking 30 minutes. This obviously keeps a person at a healthy 170lbs. I'd love to lose even a couple of pounds a week, so I've dropped the calories to 1000 a day or less and added in three workouts a week to the walking. I'm hoping this does some good, because eating less and doing more after that will be tough.

The alllmost done sleeve and undone workout is calling me. A few rows, a few triceps rows and I'm in bed for the night.


ChelleC said...

Hey, I miss you! I tried wearing a pedometer for a while and it kept falling off. But it's a good thing to do if you can keep it on.

I'm still doing my treadmill.

Would love to see your knit work. Will try to see about meeting you again sometime soon.

Laura said...

Ha! Every time I go to the bathroom, the darn thing leaps off my waistband. I'm expecting to get a new one sometime in the future when it happens yet again, instead of fishing it out of the toilet.

Yes! We do need to carve out some friends time!

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