Friday, June 15, 2007

Pictures: The Escape

It all started innocently enough. Yesterday, I pruned trees, weeded flowerbeds, and installed the ponds' pump. Here, we can see Lucky's doghouse in the far background. He was resting, but not asleep. As you can see, this isn't a good view of the pond system.

So, I slithered down here to take a shot looking up at the falls and streams. It's very nice, but...
Some people saw me. Who could resist a face like that?

But wait! Lucky thinks of something and runs away. Where did he go...?
Fry will notice, I'm still on the outside of the fence. Alas, so is Lucky. He has an escape hatch and goes freely to and fro.

Enjoy the freedom while you can, little man. I have a hammer and nails, and know how to use them. No fretting by Fry allowed. He and I played for 45 minutes, he's napping right now. Little booger doesn't want a toy if I don't want it. If I ignore him while he's running around with his toy, he'll come over and tease me with it. Since today is grocery day, he has a new toy. It squeeks, of course, since squeekies are his favorites.

Meanwhile, in the front yard, a few pictures were taken of things less playful.
Voila'! The quasi-tank made out of Berroco's Love It! Colors. The color is Monday Monday, the pattern is a tangent from the Winter 06/07 Vogue. The circles at the bottom lay flat, thanks to my stomach not being flat itself. Also, I think it makes me look slim, but that may be my own wishful thinking. It was a blast to make, plus, I love knitting up this yarn. Berroco has very few patterns in this yarn, which is a shame. It's lovely to use and wear.
Here's a better representation of the colors the photo above should have shown.

The Flower Basket Shawl in Lorna's Laces Child's Play is slowly growing. I've started a small bolero jacket in Rowan's Summer Tweed, as well. One is a focus project, the other is TV knitting. Even non-knitters can tell which is which.

This one is for Mom. See how small my wild four-o-clocks are? Bummer. Still, they are growing. I've yet to plant the camomile and friends, but that'll have to happen before our next rain. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi mom, I was wondering how Lucky and you guys were doing. Gran has got me to work for her as you know for 100 Deers(Bucks). There is alot to be done, digging a hole for the trash, getting the club house cleaned up, picking up sticks and mowing. I tried calling you today house and cell, you would figure ether you our dad would be in the house but NOOOO!!! Someone had to have plans tonight! Well if you do read this then call me today or tommorrow(depending when you read this). Tell dad I love him, and don't spend all of your money on Lucky!


ChelleC said...

Hi Laura, your Lucky dog is so cute!!! Actually, it's Fry's lucky dog. He won't be able to escape for long!

I love your darling tank top. I bet it DOES make you look skinny. Your shawl is coming along very nicely as well. Chelle

Susan said...

Oh Lucky is soooo cute! And you couldn't have chosen any better colors for a Flower Garden shawl. Can't wait to see it done. ARe you going to model the tank top for us???

Oh...and call Fry!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi mom that is what I should have said, if any one notices a spelling error just know that it is dark and late

Laura said...

Riiight. All I notice is that some little FryGirl needs her sleep. >:)

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