Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fun

Hello! Here is part of a typical dog walk of Lucky's and me.
First off, Lucky grabs the leash as if to say, "Let's go!"

Was the tree dead, or just in the way? Either way, the bottom cut of the trunk is big enough for an end table. I'm temped to load them up, but what would I do with them?

Since I feel somewhat odd taking pictures of other people's flowers, I'm just posting the ones of my own. Here's a part of the honeysuckle growing in the back.

Here's a terribly washed out picture of snapdragons, a rose moss-like flower, and Lantana (Jacob's Coat), with water hyath... hyaththan... plant in the background. The colors are as vivid as the honeysuckle above. Stupid camera.

The best thing about the ponds? The swimming for the smaller ones around here! A few rocks get knocked around. No biggie.

Lucky wants to rest under the tree, where he hasn't trampled all the grass, yet.

After the walk, I ran off to the neurologist, Knitwit, and then home. I managed to resist the urge for cheesecake, even if I didn't resist Alp on sale half price.

Something to read and think about...

Are Firstborns Smarter?
A new study suggests that older children tend to have higher IQs than their younger siblings. Now scientists just have to figure out why.

I'm sure a lot of people are surprised by this. We call them "latter borns." All the people in this house are firsts. It explains the heavy fog of smug hanging around here during arguments. ;)


Jen said...

The wonderful thing about studies is that you can make them say just about whatever you want - so I'm sure the study showing that the youngest turns out to be the smartest will be out soon - then I can feel better.

Susan said...

Wow, I've missed a lot of posts! Your lace is wonderful..I do so love those colors. Lucky is adorable and ever so clever. Don't you know? Those mysterious smells are just like knitting challenges. Keep after it until you get all you can from the situation *G* My still-missed Cassie was a digger too. I ended up putting little *ribbons* of chicken wire along the base of the fence and extending a bit into the yard. Grass grew up and you couldn't see it but she couldn't get through it. However, if she did get out through the gate...whoa she was gone in a flash and horrid to catch. That's the best thing about Zoey dog..she doesn't wander far and comes back quickly.

ChelleC said...

Hey, time for an update? Miss you! I just can't wait to see you at Stitches.

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