Monday, July 02, 2007


Let's keep fingers crossed the computer doesn't let IE crash before I can post this. Gaw. I've had serious computer problems, as noted earlier, and am still fighting this thing.

Best Buy is of no use. Geek Squad is a useless group of men. The nice thing is, while they did no good whatsoever, they DIDN'T do any harm. I'll take whatever plus I can get at the moment.

This has been a busy week and a half. There's been lunches and dinners with friends and sister, family fun fests, pet fun, too.

There's not been much finishing until today. I've been working on something like this:

(IE won't let me upload photos)

I am not a gal who can crochet. I'm so hoping that what I've done is somewhat decent. Anyone who can really crochet will either laugh at or pity me. Fingers crossed that my second crochet attempt isn't so horribly awful.

At any rate, I'm getting Hubs to bring home Windows XP pro service pack 2 so I can wipe this butthead of a computer and get it back to fighting speed. I don't know what the heck is wrong with Vista, but it's on a downward spiral. The security is so harsh, not even Window's own programs are allowed to run. Isn't that just wonderful? <-sarcasm

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ChelleC said...

So sorry you are having computer problems. Gosh, that's a pain. Sounds like Vista is best to be avoided at all costs. Can you return that computer and go back to an older (pre-Vista) model?

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