Friday, July 06, 2007


Cue the evil laughter...

I tried to like Vista, I really did. It had pretty colors. What else does a girl need?

A girl needs an operating system that is secure, but not so secure it won't let itself run. Make sense? The problems started out small, an application halting here, then another, until nothing worked. I'd get an error message like "Such N Such has stopped working", then get an option to report the problem and close the program, or just close the program. Then, that was all. No rhyme or reason.

Plus, something else really odd... Messages saying wireless computers were connecting to our system kept popping up. We do have a wireless router and it's not plugged into anything. Very strange.

Since my beloved hero of a husband works at a place with a Microsoft licence, I had him bring home Windows XP Pro SP 2. Just like our other computer that freakin WORKS. Ahem. It wasn't nearly as hard to format the hard drive as I'd thought. I also enjoyed formatting Vista off there. If it hadn't been so late, there'd been a louder war whoop.

In other mechanical news, the check engine light on the pickup came on. Owner's manual says it's low coolant or the catalytic converter. Our mechanic says it's probably a sensor, so I'm running off to see him at 2pm. Will I walk the block to the yarn store??? I want to, but shouldn't. My conscious is going "Knit from your staaaash, knit from your staaaaash." I'd added to the stash quite a bit in June and like to get all the spoils knit up before Stitches Midwest. (Yay!)

Today or tomorrow, I'll get the camera software installed on this and have a better update. Right now, I'm thrilled to have a decent operating system on here.


Susan said...

So, did you go to the yarn store??? Inquiring minds and all that. Hopefully I'll be out yarn shopping tomorrow for a swap I'm in. Nothing for me, nuh uh no way *G*.

Do you use Photoshop or something similar? I have some sort of fancy thing that I can't work so I use Picasa which was free at Google. It's much nicer than the one that came with my camera.

ChelleC said...

I'm glad you're up and running again. My uncle had VISTA on his new computer and it messed up everything. I've heard nothing good about it so far. Why can't they test these programs before bringing them to market . . . grrr.

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