Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm easily influenced.

Camie took the first test, so I had to, right?

I blame the above on a strong sense of fairness. Can't help it.

Then, the below I felt was a bit predictible. How did they know how short I am? Very odd, because I didn't put that in...

Sort of ruins my good times sitting in a bar, drinking like a fish, hitting on the best looking guy there, saying "Well, I ain't no Mother Teresa." Obviously, I'll have to plan something different for this weekend.

Fry will want to know, all the TVs have been moved. Once I heal up, I can move her PS2 into the living room. The cable company is working on the digital cable in the area, so while the guy hooked it up this morning, the company isn't on the bandwagon. I'll check at three pm and grip at them if it's not done. The installer told me to, so permission to whine and nag.

Works are still in progress. I'm sealing the tile, thus, the stove is back in place. How nice! My stove gets a workout, and I'm wanting to get back to cooking.

Later: The cable guy called ME to check. How odd. I'm not used to customer service that provides service. We have HDTV!

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