Friday, July 13, 2007

Fulfilling a promise...

Oh nuts! I forgot finished objects. Ah well, that's a thing to do tomorrow, hmmm?

I suppose Fry's cover is blown by herself. Silly woman. I think the poor baby is homesick, but not bad enough to leave her beloved Gran and Pop. We were thrilled to hear from her tonight. Lucky is doing well, we've been watching the Dog Whisperer for tips.

Now then for the fun part, the computer. It's working so far, but I'm not taking it for granted again. Our prior Emachines was a dream, so I never suspected things could go very badly wrong. Was it Vista being version 1.0 as I'd though? Was it the hard drive as the Geek Squad thought? No. It was the 1 Gig of memory I'd added. A bad memory chip kicked my computer butt for a month. We went in, changed out the memory, and voila', we have all access. It took me a day to reinstall everything.

I know. Facinating. Somehow, it seems a lot more interesting when you're living it than when you're typing it. ;)

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